The best Pokémon in the Ultra League in Pokémon Go – April 2021

The Ultra League Pokémon meta for Season 7.

Image via Niantic

You have several choices to pick from when attempting to pick Pokémon to use in the Ultra League division in Pokémon Go. You have to make sure you do not exceed the 2,500 CP limit, and if you can do that, you’re in business. Many Pokémon fit this category, but only a handful are notably standout choices. The meta has not changed too much in Season 7 since the previous ones, but it’s worth noting some of the better choices you can pick from. You want to figure out what Pokémon you can expect from the other trainers you’ll be fighting against. Here is what we think the Ultra League meta is going to look like for Season 7.

Best Pokémon in the Ultra League


Cresselia is an ideal choice for players to use in the Ultra League. It’s a Psychic-type that has access to the Grass-type charged move Grass Knot, making it a good choice to use against any of the Water-type Pokémon plaguing this division. Almost every trainer will have some Water-type in their roster, and with so many choices, Cresselia is considered one of the better legendary Pokémon to use in this arena.

Giratina (Altered)

Giratina (Altered) is the modified version of Giratina, and it comes with a slightly higher CP and a different moveset. One of the different charged moves it can learn is dragon claw, a faster and cheaper Dragon-type move that the Giratina (Origin) does not have access to, making it a superior option in this division. We highly recommend the Altered version to the Origin, and if you can use it during these fights, you’re bound to find victory with the correct team behind it. You want to watch out for the other Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type Pokémon.


Gyarados is another Pokémon with a massive reputation that sweeps that Ultra and Master League. In the Ultra League, it’s slightly restricted but remains a competent choice for any trainer eager to use a Water-type Pokémon in the Season 7 meta. You’ll want to watch out for any Electric or Grass-type, so having a Rock or Fire-type as a partner with Gyarados is highly recommended.


Lapras is another Water-type that is seen frequently in the Ultra League. It’s also an Ice-type, which means it’s not entirely resistant against Fire-types. So long as you keep that in mind, Lapras is an ideal choice to counter any Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground, or Rock-types. It’s going to struggle against Abomasnow, for example, as it is super effective to most Grass-type moves, but you can structure your team to fit Lapras right in and fill the gaps. Lapras is exceedingly good with Venusaur, Giratina (Altered), Swampert, or Gyarados.

Machamp (Shadow)

Machamp (shadow) remains one of the best Fighting-type Pokémon you can use in the Ultra League. As a shadow Pokémon, Machamp’s already powerful attack stat is going to increase by quite a bit. Still, its meager defenses are going to go down, turning it into a glass cannon that you likely only want to use as a switch Pokémon or as a lead. It should not be the final Pokémon in your roster, but it’s excellent at taking down certain Pokémon extremely fast.


Melmetal is a fearsome legendary Pokémon that you can use in the Ultra or Master League. It’s a Steel-type Pokémon, meaning it’s only weak to a handful of choices. You want to make sure to protect against any Fighting, Fire, or Ground-type Pokémon that will take advantage of this Pokémon. Still, other than that, Melmetal can handle itself against nearly any match-up in the Ultra League. You can build a team that strictly protects against those and use Melmetal as your lead choice, swapping out your alternatives to throw your opponent through a loop and waste their shields.

Muk (Alolan)

Muk (Alolan) is an interesting choice. While the original version does not fare too well in most categories, the Alolan version is different enough to use Muk’s overall decent stats to become a standout option. We applaud any trainer who uses this Pokémon. You want to strategically use it with teams that need Dark and Poison-type coverage, or if you need to use Muk (Alolan) against Fairy-types, so it should be protecting crucial Dragon-type Pokémon. This Pokémon’s only weakness is to Ground-types, so you’ll have to make sure you consider that when creating your team.


Snorlax is one of those Pokémon you don’t expect to see in the PvP charts. It’s a surprisingly powerful Pokémon because of its decent moveset and how much health it has to keep it up. It can outlast several Pokémon. Unless your opponent has a Fighting-type Pokémon or move to take it down, Snorlax will take forever to defeat, giving you some flexibility to use several attack-based Pokémon choices that don’t have the best defenses.


Swampert will always be one of the heavily recommended Pokémon in any PvP league. You can use it in Great, Ultra, or Master, depending on how its IVs and if you have any XL candy. A Swampert being used in the Ultra League does not need any XL candy to become a worthy adversary, so it’s on the cheap for any trainer eager to rise in the ranks. You have to watch its one Grass-type weakness, but that’s about it.


Talonflame has flown through the charts as one of the more active Pokémon in the Great and Ultra Leagues. It’s all thanks to the new fast move it can learn, incinerate, following its Community Day back in March. This attack turned Talonflame’s moveset into a powerful set that every trainer can expect to use, or they should prepare to fight against using an Electric or Water-type Pokémon or move. We highly recommend turning Talonflame into an XL-powered Pokémon.