The best Pokémon teams for the Ultra League in Pokémon Go – April 2021

The Ultra League Season 7 meta teams.

Image via Niantic

The Ultra League division has returned to Pokémon Go. Players will have the chance to bring some of their favorite Pokémon to their league, so long as they do not exceed the 2,500 CP restriction. You’ll need to create a team of three Pokémon to use against your opponent. You can expect to see a variety of choices being featured in Season 7. The meta has changed slightly since the previous season, but not too much. Here’s what we’re looking at for the Ultra League meta for Season 7 in Pokémon Go.

Best Pokémon teams in the Ultra League

Cresselia, Gengar, and Obstagoon

Cresselia is one of the outstanding Psychic-type Pokémon that you’ll find plenty of trainers using in the Ultra League. It also has access to the incredible Grass-type move, Grass Knot, making it the perfect Pokémon to take down some of the notable Water-types that appear in this decision. To protect Cresselia against its several weaknesses, we recommend using Gengar and Obstagoon alongside it.

  • Cresselia: Psycho cut (fast move), grass knot, and moonblast
  • Gengar: Shadow claw (fast move), shadow ball, and shadow punch
  • Obstagoon: Counter (fast move), night slash, and gunk shot

Talonflame, Skarmory, and Umbreon

Talonflame has made a name for itself since the start of Season 7. It was given the ability to learn how to use incinerate, the Fire-type fast move that has become a massive game-changer for several Fire-type Pokémon. When Talonflame was initially released, it was much lower on the brackets but has transformed into a must-have Pokémon for the Great and Ultra Leagues. When you add Skarmory and Umbreon to that roster, you’ll acquire plenty of victories moving forward.

  • Talonflame: Incinerate (fast move), brave bird, and flame charge
  • Skarmory: Air slash (fast move), brave bird, and sky attack
  • Umbreon: Snarl (fast move), foul play, and last resort

Articuno, Muk (Alolan), and Swampert

Another legendary Pokémon you can expect to see throughout the Ultra League is Articuno. You might see the standard version or a shadow one, and both are fearsome opponents. When you pair it with other Pokémon, Swampert is a natural choice that has few weaknesses and is one of the best Pokémon in the PvP circuit. The final pairing we’d give to this roster is Muk (Alolan), to protect against Ghost, Grass, Poison, and Psychic-type opponents.

  • Articuno: Ice shard (fast move), icy wind, and hurricane
  • Swampert: Mud shot (fast move), hydro cannon, and earthquake
  • Muk (Alolan): Snarl (fast move), gunk shot, and dark pulse

Registeel (XL), Gyarados, and Charizard

When you want to use one of the most powerful Pokémon in the Ultra League, Registeel is your go-to option. If you have a standard Registeel, that should do fine, but one powered up using XL candy is even better. It’s a Steel-type, so it doesn’t have too many weaknesses, but we’ve found pairing it up with Gyarados and Charizard has been a worthwhile combination.

  • Registeel: Lock on (fast move), focus blast, and flash cannon
  • Gyarados: Dragon breath (fast move), aqua tail, and crunch
  • Charizard: Dragon breath (fast move), blast burn, and dragon claw

Melmetal, Giratina (Altered), and Togekiss

Melmetal continues to be one of the strongest Pokémon for players to use in both the Ultra and Master League. You can almost always expect to see it in several rosters, and if legendary Pokémon are allowed in any category, someone has one with perfect IVs and the best attacks. If you have one, pair it up with Giratina (Altered) and Togekiss to take down most of the Ultra League meta.

  • Melmetal: Thunder shock (fast move), rock slide, and superpower
  • Giratina (Altered): Shadow claw (fast move), dragon claw, and shadow sneak
  • Togekiss: Charm (fast move), ancient power, and flamethrower