The best teams in AFK Arena (2020)

Not everyone is cut out for the team.

AFK Arena

Image via Lilith Games

There are over 70 heroes in AFK Arena ready to mix and match, but any good chemist would know not every combination offers the best results. It’s difficult getting two heroes to work together, let alone five—just look at The Avengers. What the best teams excel at is having kits to compliment one another.

Rather than play the guessing game, we’re going to give you five of the best teams in AFK Arena. After all, once you know who the best heroes are, you can work towards them; otherwise, you’re wasting resources better suited for the best of the best, not the best of the worst.

Talene, Ezizh, Rowan, Celestial Twins, Mehira

This team is mainly built around Talene; she’s your carry. When she isn’t raining meteorites on your foes, Talene will heal, offer support auras to the team, and when she dies, she’ll rise again. Talene isn’t called the “Rising Phoenix” for nothing. Ezizh offers additional support by suppressing enemy ultimates; Mehira has fantastic control spells like Mesmerize and deals AOE damage; the Celestial Twins mitigate damage and offer healing.

The biggest issue facing this team composition is money. If you aren’t actively spending boatloads of cash at the Stargazing Room, chances are you’ll never get this team. Should Lady Luck smile on you, and you do, nothing will stand in your way.

Talene, Orthros, Athalia, Ferael, Nara

Not only is Talene amazing in PVE, but she also has no problem stretching her wings in PVP. Her ability to revive is just too good of an ability to pass on. In this time, however, Talene isn’t the entire focus. Ferael brings his own consistent damage and debuffs, such as stuns and summoning spirits, to fight and reduce enemy energy. Nara further reduces enemy energy, stuns, and her ultimate “Butchery,” which gives her the ability to damage enemies even when they’re invincible and ignore defensive stats. Athalia offers similar utility, but with an increased critical strike.

If you’d like to really annoy someone, switch Orthros with Thoran, the Fallen King. His ability to resurrect, combined with Talene’s Rising Phoenix, is frustrating.

Khazard, Arthur, Mehira, Lucius, Rosaline

For this team composition, Khazard is going to be your main man. He brings all kinds of offensive skills based around the ice like Glacial Shards and Ice Beam. His ultimate, Frozen Mist, is one heavy hitter. To be the main damage dealer, though, Khazard needs Arthur. Through Arthur’s buffs, Khazard rains crit after crit on the opposition. Mehira, again, brings her signature control spells and additional AOE damage. Lucius’s shields can save your team many times, and Rosaline will ensure the team’s ultimates cycle through cooldowns fast.

Eironn, Belina, Rosaline, Lyca, Rowan

For players refusing to spend money, these five are going to be your new best friends. They’ll tackle the campaign like it’s nobody’s business, up until the very end. The two major players in this team are Eironn and Belinda. Use Eironn to group enemies together with Vortex and then rain Divine Light on their heads using Belinda. Rosaline offers buffs to attack rating, energy, and health recovery, and additional buffs are granted by Rowan by way of stuns, healing, and energy recovery. Lyca puts a bow on the team with sustained damage, haste buffs, and ranged abilities.

If you’re looking for more crown control, Swap Belinda or Rosaline for Ferael. At the same time, Tasi should be called in as well to replace Belina or Rosaline. Tasi throws out her own crowd control with Slumber and Banishment and healing with Dream Spirit (or deals damage to enemies).

Brutus, Lyca, Lucuis, Tasi, Nemora

If you want to troll players in PVP, use these five heroes. They’ll pool together their defense to stall the game while Brutus mops the floor. Brutus’ is all about AOE damage, even his normal attacks deal AOE damage. As he gets closer to death, his damage increases exponentially, making his ultimate, “Whirlwind,” that much deadlier. Just before he dies, Brutus gains invulnerability.

To support Brutus, there’s Lyca, Lucuis, Tasi, and Nemora. Lyca can pick enemies off from afar and, more importantly, buff the team’s attack speed, strengthening Brutus further. Lucius, the titular tank, keeps the enemy at a distance, heals, and mitigates damage. Tasi can put the opposition to sleep and heal. Lastly, Nemora increases health regeneration to an ally with the lowest health, which is almost always going to be Brutus.