The best weapon skins in Valorant (mid-2020)

Good gunning.


Image via Riot Games

It’s a well-known fact that having the best weapon skins in any shooting game instantly makes you play better. As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has demonstrated, throwing as many bells and whistles onto your AWP Sniper Rifle instantly makes you look like a hardened killing machine.

Joking aside, skins are great for adding a little personality to your in-character, or in some cases showing off your achievements. Riot’s Valorant goes one step further and adds animations to kills after investing in-game currency into them too. However, having more unique weaponry has made many of the game’s guns very desirable. While the number of skins so far is limited (the game only released publicly in June 2020), there are still many silky skins that make killing that enemy Sage just that little more satisfying.

To avoid including the entirety of the wonderful Elderflame set, we will only include one gun from any set as part of the weapon skins on this list. The appeal of all skins is also subjective, so while we feel that these are the best skins available, it’s worth checking out all of the current skins in the game by going to the Collection screen from the main menu, selecting a gun, and cycling through to find your perfect fit. 

With that said, here are the best weapon skins in Valorant as of the end of July, 2020.

Avalanche Classic

Probably the gun you are most used to seeing in Valorant, the Classic is the default sidearm offered by the game, and while it doesn’t pack quite the punch of the Sheriff or the close quarters potential of the Shorty, it’s still a solid gun and worth keeping for agents of high ability costs in the opening round to a half. The Avalanche set is the only one in the game that is animated, which sets it apart already, but the Classic looks particularly clean in the blue-wavy skin.

Soul Silencer Ghost

If there was a gun from the agent specific skins that encapsulated that agent perfectly, the Soul Silencer Ghost would be it. Earned by completing Omen’s contract, this skin looks great and perfectly fits the character, providing a quieter approach, yet equipped to look like the fractured soul that it belongs to.

Elderflame Operator

From the recent set of Elderflame skins, which all have a Dragon motif and come with a custom animation when shooting and reloading, the Operator variant is the best of a high-quality bunch. Immensely detailed and beautifully modeled, this skin is not cheap, but it instantly makes you look like the team’s coolest player.

Convex Spectre

When it comes to weapons, green is probably one of the most challenging colors for looking attractive. It’s not vibrant and doesn’t mesh very well with the mostly dark pallets that tend to come with shooting titles. However, Valorant’s Convex Spectre skin does a great job of melding green and silver, and the Spectre version is great looking skin.

Dot Exe Vandal

The cyberpunk genre has seen a huge resurgence as of late. With Cyberpunk 2077 proving to be the hottest game of 2020, the cyber look and synth theme is very popular. That makes the Dot Exe set of guns from the season one battle pass in Valorant, a hugely desirable set of skins, with a wonderful Tron aesthetic that leaves bright blue lines to give it a truly digital feel. The Vandal skin is the best to show off just how cool the set is.

Kingdom Bucky

Like the Dot Exe series for its futuristic feel, the Kingdom set goes for a more clean set, with plenty of black and white with streaks of yellow. It’s a great looking set of guns, with the Bucky, particularly looking excellent with a great balance between the color scheme.

Oni Melee

Unlike most of the sets in Valorant so far, which generally have a cleaner set of themed aesthetics that feel connected to some of the characters and locations, the Oni series is a little more garish and disconnected from the world of the game. Juxtaposing reds and greens with the traditional Japanese Oni mask is more of an acquired taste, but one piece from the set that looks excellent is the melee weapon, which is more akin to a fist weapon than the rest of the melee skins and uses the Oni mask to much better effect. If you manage to get a knife kill using this, they definitely deserved it.