The Division Guide: An Easy Way To Farm Phoenix Credits

 The Division Guide: An Easy Way To Farm Phoenix Credits

Phoenix Credits are the equivalent to Destiny’s Strange Coins for The Division. It is something you need in order to get high end equipment for your Agent, and you can achieve them by completing daily and Challenge missions, which are a particularly tough quest to embark on.

Tom Clancy's The Division Phoenix Credits

Today we have a quick way for you to get them, anyway, with a grinding move which will only take you a few minutes to complete. Remember that Phoenix Credits will make sense for you only in case your Agent has already reached level 30 cap.

Go to the Autumn’s Hope safe house and equip the Pulse perk. Now run out the door and turn right, then left. A four Rikers gang is out there: use Pulse to see who is the high end yellow named boss, then kill him and get his drop (which will include 1-3 Phoenix Credits and often the yellow high end gun Caduceus).

Now let the other three Rikers kill you. You’ll be born once again at the Autumn’s Hope safe house and the Rikers will appear once again in their original position. Repeat each and every time you need!

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