The Division: Base of Operations, Market Vendors, Wings and Upgrades Guide

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The First thing you are asked once you enter Manhattan is to establish a Base of Operation(BoO), then start taking efforts to take back New York by coordinating other Groups and Leaders. There will be only one Base of Operation in the game while you can enter and find several Safe House in every District. As you start the Story you find the Base of Operation is a terrible mess and offline, but as you progress it will get more and more cleaned up by adding new people and upgrading Wings. This Guide is all about Base of Operation, Missions, Wings, Contacts and Different types of Vendors.

Base of Operations Wiki

You will get directly contact with Agent Faye Lau, who will be badly injured and ask you to take action and command of the BoO. You must Find the missing people to activate the Base of Operation. Before we get to the key Contacts you going to meet to explore the different Wings in Base of Operation, let’s check out what are Wings and their types.


Everything related to Skills, Talents and Perks are directly linked to the Base of Operation progression, but you need to make sure you keep the Wings Up to Date. The Base of Operation is set-up in 3 different wings and they are Medical, Technology, and Security. As you complete mission, side missions in the game you will get resources which will help you buy upgrades for different wings along with new skills, Talents, and Perks. If you manage to max out of one of the wings then you will be rewarded a Master Bonus to give each skill additional abilities.

How to Unlock Wings

To Unlock a particular Wing, you must first find the person that is responsible for that wing. Each Wing has it’s a story line that will provide you information about the virus and the factions out there. Once you have unlocked the Wing you will get 10 upgrades for each wing, so everytime you buy an upgrade you unlock Skills, Talents or Perks.

Each Wing has 3 categories of Quests like Missions, Side-Missions, and Encounters which will be available in the Mega-Map. Each category is color-coded so you can easily differentiate them whether it is a Missions or an Encounters. So let’s check out the Key Person for each Wing and Brief info.

Medical Wing

As the name says Medical Wing will have the ability to take care of the wounded and sick. For Upgrading the Wing you will master the medical skills perfectly who can then take a great care of the teammates when injured during the combat. The Person responsible for unlocking this wing is Dr. Jessica Kandel.

Responsible – Dr. Jessica Kandel

Kandel’s intellectual curiosity is prodigious. After graduating at the top of her class at both MIT and Hopkins, Kandel spent five years in a CDC fellowship before acceding to the recruitment efforts of a gen-tech start-up in New York.

Mission Task

  • Investigate the source of the virus that was unleashed on Black Friday
  • Build staff
  • Find live virus samples
  • Gather Supplies
  • Search intel to track down people that are responsible for the outbreak
  • Investigate origins of the virus

Information Stations (To be Updated)

  • Virus Reports
  • Crashed drones

Technology Wing

Mainly focused on Reconstruction of the Technology Infrastructure of New York. Make sure you keep upgrading it for new tech skills.

Responsible – Paul Rhodes

For as twitchy and cynical as he may be, Rhodes is, by all accounts, incredibly smart. Part technical genius, expert weapons engineer, and recently-failed entrepreneur, Rhodes prides himself on sticking to his guns, even when the going gets tough

Mission Task

  • Solve the disappearance of the first wave of activated agents that were deployed to manage the crisis.

Information stations

  • Surveillance Data

Security Wing

  • Every Mission you attempt in the city will benefit defense against the multiple threats and civil protection forces and increased. For successful upgrades, the safety skills are the most important defense ability to rank up the team.

Responsible – Captain Ray Benitez

A narcotics officer for 8 years, Benitez’s entrance into the force only seemed natural, having been raised by a policeman father. Benitez is largely an idealist cop; he isn’t afraid to do the right thing, even if it means making a few enemies—a courage now rarely seen.

Mission Task:

  • Find out about the factions that overtook the different districts of New York.

Information stations:

  • Incident Reports

While you will get the main missions from the people that manage the different Wings of the BoO, you can get the side-missions and other encounters from two places. First there is a JTF (Joint Task Force) officer in the lobby and also a so-called Situation Board that can be scanned. This way you can get information about what is going on in the area, get missions and other tasks that will then be marked on the Mega-Map.

Market Vendors

You will find multiple vendors where you can buy and sell items, but the Base of Operations you will also get additional vendors that allow you to buy your equipment right at the BoO instead of traveling across the map such as:

  • Weapon Vendor – Weapons
  • Gear Vendor – Equipment
  • Mods Vendor – Weapons and Weapon mods
  • Rewards Claim Vendor – Claim rewards from Special Events
  • Black Market Vendor – Dark Zone fund purchases
  • Clothes Vendor – Special cosmetic Items
  • Advanced Weapons Vendor

These are everything you need to know about the Base of Operations, Wings, Missions and Upgrades. Check out our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the Dark Zone and collectibles.