The Division Best Upgrades Guide For Medical, Tech and Security Wing

 The Division Best Upgrades Guide For Medical, Tech and Security Wing

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The Division has three different base wings you can upgrade in order to get new skills, talents and perks. It is very important for you to progress through the main campaign, so you can get the points necessary for those upgrades and make your Agente the best one on the market. Let’s take a look at the best upgrades so you don’t waste your XP points.

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The less effective in terms of upgrades among the three available, but surely one that still deserves a further look. The best upgrades for you here are:

  • Counseling (200 supplies), which unlocks Credit for a 10% increase in Credit gains
  • Pharmacy (200 supplies), unlocking Battle Buddy, a talent reducing incoming damage after reviving an ally by 50%.
  • Decontamination Unit (200 supplies), allowing you to extract one additional item from the Dark Zone
  • Quarantine (400 supplies), unlocking Tactical Scanner and Scrambler Pulse mods
  • Disaster Aid (1000 supplies), providing you with the Recovery Link skill that heals, cures and revives all allies nearby


Tech wing is what you need to upgrade the most if you care about DPS: tech-heavy agents are those who have crafting and dealing damage skills foremost.

  • Water Purification (400 supplies) allows you to unlock turrets for suppressive fire
  • Generators (400 supplies) unlocks Sticky Bombs first
  • Division tech (1000 supplies) provides you with Tactical Link, increasing your damage and critical hit chances. Perks includes Engineer Perk, depositing electronics at your base every hour.
  • Recalibration (200 supplies) allows you to switch one stat on each weapon. This is likely to be a late skill for you to use, since weapons won’t really need it before level 15.
  • Recharge station (200 supplies) gives you a 10% increase in Dark Zone Credit gains


The security wing allows you to have your Agent always well protected against all the enemies and menaces coming from The Division’s Manhattan. Here’s the best upgrades:

  • Canine unit (200 supplies) unlocks Intel Discovery, letting you see all the collectibles in an area where you complete every side quest
  • Shooting range (200 supplies) allows you to have a bigger range while shooting
  • Guard post (200 supplies) unlocks Chain Reaction talent, pretty good in case you want to use explosives and shoot red canisters
  • Procurement Team (200 supplies) gives you the chance to get Steady Hands (recoil reduced for 10 seconds after entering a cover) and On the Move (reduced incoming damage by 30% if you kill an enemy while moving) talents
  • Dark Zone Ops (400 supplies) coming with two perks: Black Market Vendor, placing a Dark Zone shop in your Base of Operations; Hazardous Materials, letting you Collect one more item from the Dark Zone
  • Barracks (1000 supplies) will unlock after getting the Situation Room and Armory upgrades, and will provide you with the Combat Veteran Perk giving you 25% more XP from Accolades earned after every fight for headshots, surviving and more.

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