The Division: Challenging Mode Build Guide

 The Division: Challenging Mode Build Guide

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Challenging Mode Unlocks after the player reaches Level 30. Completing these mission will reward you with awesome Phoenix Credits, but note that these missions won’t be easy and can only be played once. The Enemies you are going to encounter will be much stronger than you expect. So better gear up properly before taking up these missions. Here is the Challenging Mode Build in the division which will help you survive and fight for longer time.

Challenging Mode Build

Before we begin with the Challenging Mode Build, we would like you to know that the this is a rough build from Reddit User, if you have anything to add do share in the comments below. Also, check this if you want to know more about Challenging Mode. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Build.

Challenging Mode Build


Mobile Cover, Extension:

Current Stats

  • Weapon Resistance: 22.50%
  • Blast Resistance: 25.0%

Smart Cover, Recharger:

Current Stats

  • Damage Resistance: 52%
  • Damage Buff: 39%



Heal an ally with a skill to reduce skill cooldowns by 15%

Combat Medic

Use a medkit near allies to heal group members and proxies within 20m by 40%

Tech Support

Kill a hostile while any skill is deployed to extend any active skills duration by 10%

One is None

Headshot a hostile to have 50% chance of not consuming the bullet

If you are in an area where there are lots of grenades, find cover and put the mobile cover behind you. Any nades between you and the mobile cover will not hit you, but the mobile cover instead. We want to have a smart cover up 100% of the time, so add skill haste, etc until you reach the number. If you are killing mobs quick enough it won’t matter because Tech Support will keep Smart Cover going. Have a look at the Pictures below to for the Build.

the-division-challenging-mode-build-1.jpg the-division-challenging-mode-build-2.jpg the-division-challenging-mode-build-3.jpg

Hope this Guide was helpful, do not forget to check our The Division Wiki page to know more about the game.