The Division Dark Zone Guide: How to Enter/Exit and explore

 The Division Dark Zone Guide: How to Enter/Exit and explore

The Dark Zone is structured in 6 different sections, you will be happy that you can see the enemies level just like the PvE environment. You can simply use the Matchmaker in this area to directly chip into any squad with level same as you or more, but first you need to enter. This Dark Zone Guide will show you how to enter and exit Dark Zone, which landmarks to explore and where we can go in Dark Zone.

How to Enter Dark Zone

How can we Enter/leave the Dark Zone?

You have multiple options to enter Dark Zone, as it is located in the middle of Manhattan which is surrounded by large Walled off area. You can enter the Dark Zone by either climbing over the wall surrounding the zone or enter it through one of the security checkpoints. When you climb over the wall it is a one-way ticket, you can’t go out this way.

The security checkpoints, on the other hand, allow you to leave the zone through an airlock, but you can’t take out any contaminated loot this way. When you carry any contaminated loot into the Checkpoints, it will be destroyed. Once you enter the Dark Zone you have various places to explore, collect and grab the dark zone currency.

Where can we go in Dark Zone

In the Dark Zone try climbing on rooftops or engage in street-level combats, enter buildings or go underground. You need to be a bit careful as there are not only DZ Chests hidden in the different corners, but there are also areas where dangerous enemies lurk and only wait on careless agents to enter their territory. So take your time when you are exploring, so that you don´t get overrun by a group of elite enemies.

Besides the Open Environment, you can enter into Safe Rooms in Dark Zone, these are personal and limited to your group. Also, there are multiple Exits that allows you to leave the place via another exit. To locate the safe house you will see a big marker on the wall. There are also places called Landmarks which are special streets, stores, or just random buildings like an abandoned Gas Station. These Landmarks are also spots where the Elite opponents are waiting for you and cover the Dark Zone Chest.

This was all about the Dark Zone Enter and Exploration guide. You check our The Division Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, collectible and tricks.