The Division: Dark Zone Loot Farming Route Location Guide

 The Division: Dark Zone Loot Farming Route Location Guide

The Dark Zone in The Division is a PvP enabled environment which is allowed in this additional area in the Map. Here you will find high level contaminated loot and players with different levels in different sections. This Dark Zone Route in The Division will help you earn anything from Dark Zone Exp to Dark Zone Credits and other General Loot.

Dark Zone Loot Farming

Dark Zone

Here you can play in a group or solo, but one thing that you must take care of are the Rogue players. Every player in Dark Zone enters as Neutral and is equally part of hunting the contaminated loot. Players with no Dark Zone Pouch are useless as they carry no loot, but they can still attack you so be careful. If you are Interested in becoming a Rogue Agent then do Check our guide on How to be a Rogue Agent.

Farming Route

Players have been hunting for loot and they are all on random luck and encounters. One of the YouTuber – ChadTheWedge, had taken his valuable time to share the detailed route on how to travel in Dark Zone to farm the Dark Zone Credits and Exp or Normal Loot. The Route is followed to hunt for the main bosses by traveling safe and easy. You will be traveling within the Dark Zone 01 and 02 so that you avoid the higher level enemies for now and focus completely on Loot.

This Route will take approximately 15-20 minutes and less if you are already familiar with it. Here is the Route:

From W 31st St Head to Ext. Point(mobs, sometimes a boss). After Finishing the Boss head to E 33 St and in the Basketball court again finish off the mobs, sometimes a boss. Now head Underground where you will definitely fight one of the strongest bosses in the area then again the basketball court moving to Sports Centre for the next encounter with the boss mob.

Then Extract all your loot then at the Corner of 6th Ave and 38th St check into the Safehouse for ammo(if needed) then towards the Madison St. moving to W 31st St. to kill the boss mob and Finally Repeat everything. If you think this was a bit confusing then do watch the Video below to know the exact route.