The Division: Dark Zone Guide, May layout, Sections, Currency and Ranks

 The Division: Dark Zone Guide, May layout, Sections, Currency and Ranks

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In the Division, the middle of Manhattan which is surrounded by large Walled off area is the Dark Zone. The Game Mechanics is totally different as they work in the rest of the area in Manhattan. The Story behind Dark Zone are is the Main quarantine zone where the military contained the affected, sick and the scientist experimented to search the cure, but as teh chaos broke out the military had to evacuate the zone leaving all the best equipment in this High contaminated area.

Dark Zone Guide

Dark Zone Places and Ranks

The Dark Zone is structured in 6 different sections, you will be happy that you can see the enemies level just like the PvE environment. You can simply use the Matchmaker in this area to directly chip into any squad with level same as you or more. As per the Beta version there were 24 players in Dark Zone instance and here are the 6 sections with enemy levels.

  • DZ01 – 10 to 12
  • DZ02 – 13 to 15
  • DZ03 – 16 to 18
  • DZ04 – 22 to 24
  • DZ05 – 27 to 29
  • DZ06 – 29 to 30

As You Max to level 30 the Dark Zone mechanics will change and will have no level-segments which mean the area will be repopulated with new enemies with higher challenges and danger. This will help you explore the Dark Zone sections with the new level cap.

Places and Vendors

You can enter the Dark Zone by either climbing over the wall surrounding the zone or enter it through one of the security checkpoints. Each checkpoint has a Dark Zone Vendor. The DZ vendor sells high-quality weapons, gear, and mods, that can only be bought with Dark Zone Currency. The Dark Zone Currency will drop from killed NPCs, killed Rogue Agents (Bounty) or can also be collected from the chests. In the Dark Zone, you can climb on rooftops, there is street-level combat, we can enter buildings or go underground.

Communication, Ranks and Keys

Since the Dark Zone is a PVP enabled area, there is an unknown factor in the mix, because you could be attacked by other players at any time. So it is recommended to enter the Dark Zone in a group so that you can profit from the group synergies and protect each other. The communication in the Dark Zone is very clear. Inside the group, you have normal voice-chat or text-chat for PC and there is no limit how far the characters are apart, you will be able to speak with each other. The dialog with players / squads outside the group is a bit trickier.

The player progression in The Division is split up in Player Level and Dark Zone Rank. While the Player Level defines your progression as a character, your Health Pool and what weapon and items you can equip, the Dark Zone Rank is more a rank system that has no impact on the performance of your character. But it is very important in another aspect of the progression. Check our guide to how the Loot Mechanics Works for Public and Private Loot.

If a player is downed, he goes in a bleed out-state. While he is bleeding out, he can crawl to safety to be picked up by his team-mates. As soon as a player is downed, he loses the contaminated loot that has not been extracted. When he is killed he loses some Dark Zone Experience and respawns at the nearest checkpoint where the player can enter the Dark Zone. When you start the game, you have 6 slots in your Dark Zone Pouch, so you can extract 6 items per extraction. This number can be upgraded when you expand your Base of Operation. Check our Dedicated Guides for Survival, Gear up, Weapons and Rough Players in The Division Wiki Page.