The Division: Flatiron Intel Collectible Location Guide

In The Division, we can divide Intel into two categories – Evidence and Collectibles. There are total 293 items to be collected in the Division and they are Phone Recordings, Survival Guide, Echoes, Missing Agents and Crashed Drones. This Guide will show you the exact location for all the Intel collectibles in Flatiron.

Flatiron Intel Collectible

Where to Find Intel in Flatiron

There are in total 14 collectibles in Flatiron in which includes Phone Recordings, Echoes, Survival Guide and Incident Report. An easy map with a difficulty level of 15 – 16 so make sure you are ready to take on the challenges.

Phone Recordings(6)

  • Directive 51 – 1
  • Directive 51 – 4
  • Directive 51 – 5
  • Directive 51 – 6
  • Directive 51 – 7
  • Vitaly Tchernenko’s Journal
  • Vitaly Tchernenko’s Journal 7


  • Missing
  • Buskers

Incident Reports(3)

  • Jailbreak
  • Interrogation
  • Live Like Kings

Crashed Drones(1)

  • Supplies

Missing Agent(1)

  • Tanisha Carter

Here is the Exact Map Location for all the collectibles in Flatiron. Do Visit our Division Wiki Page to know more location for different collectibles.