The Division: How the Loot Mechanics Works for Public and Private Loot Guide

 The Division: How the Loot Mechanics Works for Public and Private Loot Guide

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a role-playing open-world third-person shooter game. The Game takes place in mid-crisis New York with much of a destructive environment which is free to explore. After playing the Division, Beta player have noticed about the loot category and doubts with how the system works. This Guide will show you how the game mechanics works when someone kills you and you drop the public and Private loot.

How the Loot Mechanics Works for Public and Private

As you Play the Multiplayer Mode in The Division and if you get killed in the Dark Zone area you drop some of your loot which is public and private. While playing, you must have seen some loot on the enemies which he will be dropping once you kill him and the same mechanics goes for you. We are going to Discuss the Public, Private and Loot Functions. So let’s get it started.


The Loot mechanics works into two different categories the First is the Private Loot and the Second is Public Loot. All you see outside the Dark Zone is private which includes killing enemies, missions, chest, helping civilians etc. Inside the Dark Zone the Mechanics are a little different, here you alone and you see meet both the players AI and Real Online Players. Any loot you collect in the Dark Zone is Contaminated.

Public Loot

The Public Loot is seen by everyone, your friends, teammates and others. This is first come first serve type of Pickup like for example the one who picks up the loot first takes the loot. This Loot comes from AI enemies.

Private Loot

This Loot is the Loot that only you can see and nobody else can not even your teammates. This Loot comes from Real Online Players.

Rogue Rank Loot

By Now you must know this that if you are carrying loot in the Dark Zone and get killed then you drop some of them. These are decided on the Rank you are currently. The Player are able to see and steal the Public stuff, but the Private remains untouched. Once you download the Full game on March 8th, your Dark Zone inventory will be increased to Nine slots. Now let’s take for example you are carrying full nine contaminated items then you would probably lose your loot like this:

Rank: Neutral

  • Public Items Lose: 3
  • Private Items Lose: 6

Rank: Rogue 0

  • Public Items Lose: 4
  • Private Items Lose: 5

Rank: Rogue 1

  • Public Items Lose: 5
  • Private Items Lose: 4

Rank: Rogue 2

  • Public Items Lose: 6
  • Private Items Lose: 3

Rank: Rogue 3

  • Public Items Lose: 7
  • Private Items Lose: 2

Rank: Rogue 4

  • Public Items Lose: 8
  • Private Items Lose: 1

Rank: Rogue 5

  • Public Items Lose: 9
  • Private Items Lose: 0

Hint: If you are killed then the first thing to do after you re-spawn is to get back to the location you were killed and grab some of your items.