The Division: How the Weapon Stats Works with Mod-slots

The Weapons of The Division can be found next to the skills. Weapons are used to dish out damage and attack enemies. The Weapons have five archetypes (Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, DMR and Shotgun along with the sidearm. Each weapon is available in different rarities, stats which helps you understand which weapons to equip that have the same or a lower level than your character and as you level-up you need to replace these weapons on a regular basis.

Weapon Stats and Mod slots

Each weapon has in total of seven base stats that define how much base damage you can do with it. These stats usually get higher with the level and the rarity of the weapon. This guide will help you understand the Weapons stats works which will help you mod your weapons perfectly.

How the Weapon Stats Work

Critical Change

This will show you the Percentage of shots that will critically hit the target.

Critical Damage

Critical Damage will be added to your normal weapon damage if you have the Critical Hit.


When you fire the weapon you see the reticle starts growing bigger and, therefore, they spread while aiming. The Weapon with higher accuracy will tend to spread less and thus hit the target perfectly.


This will show you how much the gun moves and wide spreads while firing the semi-auto and full-auto weapon.

Horizontal and Vertical Stability

As you fire the weapon the bullet travel from side to side. The Horizontal and Vertical Stability Mods will help you decrease hoe far the each side happens.

Initial Bullet Stability

The first bullet you fire has a special recoil in comparison to the rest and as you increase the Initial Bullet Stability, this initial recoils will be reduced.

Hip Fire Accuracy

The Hip Fire accuracy help you aim the target correctly even while hip firing. This is useful for close-range weapons like Shotguns.

Optimal Range

When you hit the target which is beyond that optimal range, a hit does less damage, but if you improve the optimal range then your option to attack targets will increase.

Headshot Damage

This is a damage modifier that gives you a bonus buff when you do headshots.

Rate of Fire

This will show how fast you can empty your magazine. The higher the Rate of Fire is the more you can do damages.

Reload Time

This is the time required to reload the weapon.

Enemy Armor Damage

Increases the Damage was done to enemy armor.


This slot will show you the mods that you have already equipped. Every weapon have different Mod slots and they have to be prioritize accordingly. You can strip all mods from a weapon with one button. You can do that, when you want to sell a weapon.