The Division: How to be a Perfect Medic Guide

 The Division: How to be a Perfect Medic Guide

Medical Wing in The Division will provide you the ability to take care of the wounded and sick. For Upgrading the Wing you will master the medical skills perfectly who can then take a great care of the teammates when injured during the combat. The Person responsible for unlocking this wing is Dr. Jessica Kandel. This guide will show you how to be a medic and use the skill mode wisely.

Be a Perfect Medic

How to be a Perfect Medic

To be a Medic you must equip proper talents and perks and majorly focus on the Damage Build with low HP. Having more Health will show you have more electronic than stamina and you will be able to quickly heal your wounds with the first aid. So here are the basic skills and modifications you require to be a perfect medic.

First Aid Skill: Overdose or Defibrillator

In this Section, the first recommended mode is the Overdose which will always help you out in any situation with extra health along with overhealing ability. If you are already done with the Overdose then the next thing we recommend to use if the Defibrillator which will help you Team in PvE and PvP environment.

Support Station: Ammo Cache

Ammo Cache will always be on the first preference as you will be shooting tons of Bullets without losing ammo after a reload, but just make sure you reload it in the Support Station Radius. There is no need Mod life support as your team players will already be reviving themselves while at the Support Box by holding ‘F’.

Smart Cover: Recharger

Smart Cover with Recharger works really awesome, the extra damage with decreased incoming damage along with extra healing abilities added. Therefore, a good setup for Medic is combining Support Station with the Ammo Cache Mod + Smart Cover with Recharger Mod.


In Talents the Second Medic Talent Triage always comes in handy to keep a cooldown on you healing skills. For the Tech Wing talents, you must grab the third-row second talent called Tech Support as whenever you kill an enemy the duration of your Support Station is increased and can be instantly reused after run out. The Third Talent can be of your choice, but after have a good experience we choose to use the Last row 1st talent in Medical Wing called the Combat Medic which helps you to heal your teammates.


Hope this guide was useful and do check the Division Wiki guide to know more about the game.