The Division: How to Build God Mode Squad Guide

 The Division: How to Build God Mode Squad Guide

In The Division, any of your friends can join(up to 3) to play a 4 player squad. If you don’t invite any then you are the Lone Wolf with no Bots to fill up the group space. Your Group level will automatically reflect the difficulty and loot quality in the game. This God Mode Guide in the Division will help you build a squad that will never die and play infinitely in the game.

God Mode Squad Build

First of all, this is not a Glitch or a Bug, it’s the right use of abilities used all together. Now to go God mode you must have three players with you or ask someone to join you and then with your mutual understanding you can go God Mode. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the God Mode Guide.

How to Go God Mode

Once you have three players ready you must set specific abilities for each player in your squad. Two of them must have Support Station running with the Ammo Cache Mod, this enables your squad to regain their ammo as they reload and faster cooldown recovery.

The Next Two players must have the Mod enabled called the Booster Shot which will help you mates to increase damage for affected targets along with Healing effect(temporary). Any two must of the have Recharger Mod with Smart Cover which also helps them to regain fast health.

If you have this Skill Build all ready and Set then you can check your Stats which must Show that Damage Resistance will be 62% less Damage and Damage Output increased by 49%. So Go ahead and test out this stats in the PvE and Do let us know how was your Experience. Don,t Forget to check out our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the game and till then check the below video to see the God Mode Squad.