The Division: How to Complete Challenging Missions Tips and Tricks Guide

 The Division: How to Complete Challenging Missions Tips and Tricks Guide

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Level 30 in The Division is the last Character level a player can reach. As You Max to level 30 the Dark Zone mechanics will change and will have no level-segments which mean the area will be repopulated with new enemies with higher challenges and danger. This guide will show you the best tips and tricks to complete the Challenge Mode from easiest to the hardest mission with ease.

Complete Challenging Mode

Now as you know that Level 30 is maxed and every player is going to reach there someday as it takes hardly 15 hours of gameplay to reach there. It’s better to gear up with getting stronger by increasing the Total Gear score. Visit the Dark Zone Vendors to grab the Top order equipment, but for that, you also need Phoenix Credits.

Challenging Mode

Challenging Mode Unlocks after the player reaches Level 30. Completing these mission will reward you with awesome Phoenix Credits, but note that these missions won’t be easy and can only be played once. The Enemies you are going to encounter will be much stronger than you expect. So better gear up properly before taking up these missions. Here are the Best Tips and Tricks from one of the Reddit User and some Videos along to know the proper Walkthrough for each Mission.

Tips and Tricks

  • You are a 30 Level Player now so you must be well equipped with the gears and weapons. To get the best results, your health and DPS must be around 55k-80k and above. If you are below that level then you should increase it first.
  • The Enemies with Lighting icon above their head which indicates these are the shotgun rushers and they should be killed on priority. These enemies are most dangerous and easy to kill if you have a good team communication.
  • Protection from Elites, Extra Elite Damage, and Enemy Armor Damage are all great stats that help immensely and must overlook the gear.
  • If you have one or two Increase Damage with other healing station makes things a lot better for everyone. A good mix of Tank, DPS, and Healing abilities works simply great.
  • In Weapons, if you have Marksmen Rifle that could help you a lot to take down enemies with Zoom. You can try setting up any weapon + Marksmen will work out perfectly.
  • Again while selecting the weapons you must look out for High Stability and Accuracy to maintain your game in any situation.
  • If you are one of the pros then try using the Marksmen without zoom as it is much safer and can also take easy headshots. The Zoom sometimes can make you Vulnerable also making it difficult to chain shots.
  • Always make use of Mobile Cover to block off your main Path and CC abilities which will help you make wonders in Challenge Modes too.

Challenging Mode Missions

Before we begin with the mission lets divide them first in terms of Difficulty from Easiest to hardest and Here they are and tips and tricks for them.

Lexington Event Center(Easy)

Once you’ve eliminated the Thugs and entered the Building, you will find the real enemies waiting for you on the first floor. Here you will find two shotguns rushers so make sure you take them out quickly. After taking the elevator up first try to take down the two big tanks then use the elevator as your cover and clear out the rest.

After getting down you will again encounter the shotguns rushers so take them down and then the Big tanks. You can fire from the doorway near the restock area. Lastly, the boss fight will start up, Firstly take down the two snipers then for the grenades and lastly the Main boss.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint(Easy/Medium)

This mission is a bit slow so to make it easy you must try firing from range(Marksmen). The only concern here will be snipers, firebombs and defend NPCs, the first action should be for the rushers with bats then focus firing at rest of the enemies. Avoid being flanked by the enemies and make sure to aware of the grenades. If you want then you can run past few enemies then enter the tunnel where you’re protecting the EOD soldier.

WarrenGate Power Plant(Medium)

In this Mission, the difficulty is a bit more and Time is the key to success so if you are unable to safe then you better try to pump out damage as much as you can. During the Boss Fight, it will be very easy if you kite everyone around first and then focus on him.

Russian Consulate(Hard)

This mission is one of the toughest mission we have come across so far in the game. The Mission is full of Shotgun Rushers, tank enemies with giant shields which make them barely vulnerable, seeker mines, grenade spammers and turrets everywhere. The More aware you are in the mission the more focus you can have in targeting the enemies.

Once you Head up to the Boss area there are few shotguns waiting for so take them down quickly then use the stairs to kite them down as there more snipers up there looking out for you. Take time and do not rush and the victory is yours. Check out the video to know how to complete the mission with ease.

Hope this Guide was useful and do have a look at our The Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game.