The Division: How to Farm High-End Weapons and Gears Tips Guide

 The Division: How to Farm High-End Weapons and Gears Tips Guide

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In the Division, you must always hunt for High-End loot and upgrade yourself in order to survive longer in the game. When you are inside the Dark Zone it will be 50/50 chances that you might get better loot, depending on your luck, but what if we help you increase your luck chances of farming better loot? This Guide will show you how to farm High-End weapons as you reach Level 30 in the game.

Farm High-End Weapons

How to Farm High-End Weapons

As You Max to level 30 the Dark Zone mechanics will change and will have no level-segments which mean the area will be repopulated with new enemies with higher challenges and danger. So you better gear up with some high-end Weapons with obviously higher DPS, Health and Skills. So without further ado, let’s begin with the Farming High-End weapons.

Weapon To Use

In order to Farm some good High-End weapons, you must first have one. Head to the Special Gear Vendor and grab the Vector 45 ACP Blueprint(200 PC) to craft it or if you have the Complete Supply Drop – Clinton Food Supplies to obtain it. Once you get it then you must craft it in order to use it, if you have done this already then you my boy are one step ahead.

Lexington Event Center – Challenge Mode

Challenging Mode Unlocks after the player reaches Level 30. Completing these mission will reward you with awesome Phoenix Credits. Lexington Event Center in Challenge Mode will be the easiest one so far and here is the Walkthrough on how to complete the Mission with ease.

Once you’ve eliminated the Thugs and entered the Building, you will find the real enemies waiting for you on the first floor. Here you will find two shotguns rushers so make sure you take them out quickly. After taking the elevator up first try to take down the two big tanks then use the elevator as your cover and clear out the rest.

After getting down you will again encounter the shotguns rushers so take them down and then the Big tanks. You can fire from the doorway near the restock area. Lastly, the boss fight will start up, Firstly take down the two snipers then for the grenades and lastly the Main boss.

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Once you Manage to complete the Mission Successfully you will be awarded with one Guaranteed High-End Gear along with 30 Phoenix Credits. This was the First time, right? So try completing it multiple times to farm some good high-end gears and then craft the ultimate weapons.