The Division: How to get easy Kills and Survive from Different Types of Enemies

 The Division: How to get easy Kills and Survive from Different Types of Enemies

As you Enter the Mid-Crisis New York City you will encounter some dangerous opponents that roam and rule the streets. There are five different factions namely the Rioters, the Cleaners, the Rikers, The Last Man Battalion and lastly the Division which we will be supporting in the game. This Guide will show you how to kill different types of enemies with ease the best and basic Tips and Tricks to get easy kills.

How to get easy Kills

Before we start with the main content let’s just know which types of Enemies are we going to face in the game and then plan to take them. There will be four types of Enemies you will meet in the streets and different types to react them.

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Types of Enemies

The Normal Enemies

These Enemies have a Single Health bar and usually easy to kill as well. If you manage to take a Headshot then you can get early kills. You will encounter them early in the game basically in the first two areas.

Veteran Enemies

These are equipped with Body Armor which can be seen at the white bar above their health bar so before making your move just try to penetrate their armor first then coordinate with your teammates to focus on specific targets and grab the armor-piercing bonus.

Elite Enemies

These are the people which carry something besides the health bar like special skills on a regular basis. You will see a great symbol for example which means he is about to throw the grenade and that the time to attack and let him take the full damage.

Boss Fight

These are not the actual Boss Fights, but yes high-level enemies which are just impossible to beat. They are highlighted with a Red Skull next to the health bar which indicates he is, at least, five levels above then yours and you must turn back nad enter the area when you are ready.

How to Kill Different Types of Enemies

In a Tactical RPG game, the combat is a very important aspect in order to survive the enemy waves. You can either hip-fire or first aim and then fire or take cover and start a blind fire. While Zooming you have two options one is over the shoulder of the character and second is to use the attached scope of the weapon which will give you the First person experience and perfect aims.

As they have skipped melee attack in the game you have Pistols with infinite ammo. Also, to lower your threat level try taking cover another best way to kill is the use of Silencers. Keep a good coordination with your team to get easy and early kills by keeping a good firing order. The Damage numbers are also displayed on different enemies with more or less protection:

  • Normal Body Shots – White
  • Armor Damage – Blue
  • Critical Hits – Orange
  • Headshots – Red
  • Critical Headshots Orange

Cooperation and Communication

One of the Most Essential Part in The Division is the Co-op where you consider to grouping up with other players. You must be aware of the group you are about to join because when a group enters the area there is a higher chance of the lowest player to get an instant kill with a head shot and if you are the lowest then best of luck. You can also invite players to join your group or use the group finder to join.

With Co-operation, communication also matters within your group, you must talk to each other and built-in VoIP or Text chat is also an option to players with no microphone. There are Emotes to communicate like Applaud, Help, Jumping Jacks, Wave, Salute and Give Up/Surrender. Use Them.

Stealth Mode

There is Stealth system like any other games, but more simplified version. Each NPC has a cone of vision that is displayed on the mini map. If you are in cover, they won’t see you and if you time it right, you can sneak past them and avoid another fight. If they see something suspicious an exclamation point will pop up, and they start roaming and if they see you, the exclamation point will flash up and they will attack.

When you want to lower the chances to be detected and still intend to take out the NPCs, you can use the silencer on your weapon. Thus Completing the Tips and tricks for kills and Stealth Guide, do check our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the Game tactic, Beginners Guide, and Contaminated Area.