The Division: How to Get Highest DPS Build Guide

 The Division: How to Get Highest DPS Build Guide

Level 30 in The Division is the last Character level a player can reach. As You Max to level 30 the Dark Zone mechanics will change and will have no level-segments which mean the area will be repopulated with new enemies with higher challenges and danger. This Guide will help you build the best and the highest weapon DPS to take on and rule in the Division.

How to Get Highest DPS

Now as you know that Level 30 is maxed and every player is going to reach there someday as it takes hardly 15 hours of gameplay to reach there. It’s better to gear up with getting stronger by increasing the Total Gear score. Visit the Dark Zone Vendors to grab the Top order equipment, but for that, you also need Phoenix Credits. Thanks to one of the Youtuber, Here is how you will upgrade your DPS to the Highest Level and don’t forget to check our The Division Wiki Guide.

How to Get Highest DPS Build

Are you been be hunted down continuously with those high-end weapons? You don’t have to worry no more as this guide will help you create and use on big high DPS Weapon, be it PVP or PVE content, damage and survivability will be a must. So let check out the requirements for a High DPS weapon.

Weapon To Use

Get an SMG that’s it, regardless of which one you just get it. SMGs are one of the Top Tier DPS weapons which also has a very good accuracy and weapon mods with awesome perks.

Mods To Attach

Without any doubt, the Magazine mods are the main reason to increase your DPS drastically. So you better get an increased magazine size along with increased rate of fire as your secondary perk. If you are the Crafting guy then go for Extended Magazine Blueprint to increase your chances of giving headshots and for the rest, you can apply Either Critical Hit Damage or Critical Hit Chance.


The Gloves play an important role as an armor piece as they are able to roll base weapons damage by adding +350 damage to your gun which is the max any armor can offer. Other Armor piece and perks can focus on the critical hit damage more than the critical hit chances. Second is Mask, with Refreshed – Healing skills increased by 30% while in the last segment of hp or Rehabilitated – When under a status affect health regenerated 2% per second.

Abilities and Talents


Support Station(Ammo Cache Mod)

Gives Faster Skill Recovery and Ammo

Smart Cover(Recharger Mod)

This gives damage reduction and increased damage on the area of cover you use it on. If multiple people in the group use it on the same area of cover, the damage reduction and increased damage for each mod on the cover.

Recovery Link(Heal)

Can Help you Team survive in both PvE and PvP, but the situations can be synergy, it doesn’t compare to others.

Tactical Link(Damage Buff)

This is the DPS King, if you mix this with your critical focused build then you will start playing like a pro.

Survivor Link(Damage Reduction)

This can reduce 80% damage which is insanely strong all you have to do is sit in the middle of the Shotguns and yet come out alive. This Skill is recommended if you want to survive as a Rogue player.


Steady Hands:

This will increase your overall DPS and reduced recoil when you take cover which makes it easier to take Headshots and double the damage.

On the Move:

Reduces 30% of the incoming damage after killing the enemies. This talent is mostly used by the flanking players.


Helps you keep your DPS sky high and increase the Headshot ‘Pulse’ Enemies.

One is None:

Headshot will have 50% chance of not consuming the bullet.

Just Keep the major focus on the Magazine and you are ready to be Pro. Check out the Video Below to know more about the High DPS Build.