The Division: How to get Weapon Skins Guide

 The Division: How to get Weapon Skins Guide

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The Weapons in The Division can be found next to the skills. Weapons are used to dish out damage and attack enemies. There are five archetypes (Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, DMR and Shotgun along with the sidearm. Each weapon is available in different rarities, stats, but have you tried applying skins to make them look cool? This Guide will help you find here is how you will get all the Weapon skins in the Game.

Unlock Weapon Skins

How to get Weapon Skins Guide

Weapon Skins are not only rare but also hard to find in the big Map. You must be hunting out there to explore the area, but you my boy need a bit of luck as well to get the weapon skins and that is why we are here to help you with your exploration. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Weapons Skins location and where to find them.

The Locals

You will meet citizens all over Manhattan and they can demand you help such as Med-Kit or some food or occupy some space at Safe houses and Base of Operation. These are the survivors, so when you completely clear the threat in the area you can see how well the citizens react to you. If you help them, then they will return the favor by providing you with some weapons and weapon skins or cosmetic items.


This is the rare case we are talking about, but we got one Weapon skin by killing the Rioters in Hudson Yards. Try your Luck, keep the enemies and they drop the supplies which can anything. Try engaging with high-level enemies to try your luck and get the best out of them.

Clothes Vendor At your base

You can actually start farming for some good skins every day, all you need to do is Upgrade you Security Wing Supply line to get the Clothes vendor at your base. This Vendor will not give you clothes, but unique skins as well that to every day So make sure you bring him home.

Dark Zone Vendor

This Guy will offer you skins which have cool visuals, all you need to do is go to the Dark Zone Vendor and pick up the high-end weapon which should give you skins along with it.

Hope this guide was useful and if you have any doubts then do check our The Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game.