The Division: How to Increase your Filter Level Dark Zone Guide

 The Division: How to Increase your Filter Level Dark Zone Guide

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In The Division, there are Dark Zone which is a quarantined area where military once gathered and they tried to find the cure of the sick. In order to enter the Dark Zone, you must entry through checkpoints or climb the wall surrounding it. As you enter the contaminated area the player will wear the mask, but this mask will only work for certain Time. This guide will help you increase the Filter Level to survive longer in the Dark Zone Quarantine Zone.

Increase Filter Level

If you have progressed the Story missions in the game then you must have unlocked the Medical Wing? If not then you must first head to the Base of Operation and unlock it. This Wing will help you upgrade your skills along with Virus Protection Buff that you need to Access the Quarantine Zone.

How to Increase your Filter Level

There are three specific upgrades you need to purchase with Supplies in order to max your filter level. These can be found in the Medical Wing itself and those are:

  • Virus Lab
    • Supplies: 500
  • Hazmat Unit
    • Supplies: 400 (needs Virus Lab)
  • Pharmacy
    • Supplies: 200

Once you upgrade all these Skills you get Protective Measures Perk. You can see them at your Character Screen simply scroll left to see the Exploration Tab and you will see the Virus Filter Level. Make sure you do have a look at our The Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game.