The Division: How to Survive in High-Level Contaminated Areas

 The Division: How to Survive in High-Level Contaminated Areas

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In the Division, your main mission is to take back the New York, help the survivors and Restore Order. You must upgrade your base of Operation Wings in order to unlock new skills and upgrades. This Guide for the Division will show you how to survive in a contaminated area and escape the virus.

How to Survive in Contaminated Areas

Due to the devastating pandemic sweeps through Manhattan Island you will see several Contaminated area across the Map in the game. There are an area where the contamination level is mush higher and if you try to enter the area you will die in just 10 seconds. Now you might be questioning even though you had the Gas Mask you died in the Contaminated area so Here is the answer to your question and solution to how to survive in such High-Level Contamination.

How to Survive in High-Level Contaminated Areas

There are 4 levels of the contaminated area where the first level is easy and we are secured with the help of the Gas Mask, but as we travel to different sections in the are you will encounter much higher level Contaminated area. The Gas Mask won’t work in Level 2-3 Contaminated area so you must equip the Gas Mask that compensates the contamination level for this you must upgrade your Medical Wing.

Note: You don’t need a specific Gas Mask level to enter the Dark Zone and you don’t need to use or change Gas Mask filters like in other post-apocalyptic games.

So in order to get protection against the high-level contamination, you have to upgrade the Medical Wing and Unlock Perks that give you upgrade to Virus Protection. Hope this guide was useful and do check our The Division Wiki page for more Upgrade on collectibles and Weapons.