The Division: How to turn into Rogue Agent and how does the Protocol work in Dark Zone

 The Division: How to turn into Rogue Agent and how does the Protocol work in Dark Zone

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The Division is a PvE video game, but there is also an additional area in the Map called Dark Zone which is PvP enabled. Here you will find high level contaminated loot and players with different levels in different sections. You can play in a group or solo in Dark Zone, but one thing that you must take care of are the Rogue players. his guide will show you how does the PvP or the Rogue Protocol work along with the Death and respawn-mechanic.

How to turn into Rogue Agent

Every player in Dark Zone enters as Neutral and is equally part of hunting the contaminated loot. Players with no Dark Zone Pouch are useless as they carry no loot, but they can still attack you so be careful.

How to Turn Rogue Agent

As we said everyone entering the Dark Zone are neutral and equally part of hunting the loot, but when a player attacks another neutral player, the attacker or his group member then he will turn into a Rogue Agent. Once one turn into a Rogue Agent then he will be marked with a big skull which is visible to all the players along with a Bounty on his head.

The Rogue Protocol has also a level of tolerance. You will not be marked as a rogue the moment you hit another player. When you accidentally hit a player that is not in your group, you will only be marked with a warning icon. This marks you as an agent that has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue. As soon as you do more damage, you will be marked as a rogue, your Health Bar turns red and the full Rogue Protocol described above is in effect.

There is 5 level of Rogue Agents and at level 5 you will have five minutes countdown until you lose the rogue status again. The countdown will only reset once you kill or attack another agent. At Level 5 Rogue Agent you go into Manhunt mode which is you are clearly visible to all the players and have a good Bounty on your head and, therefore, you become everyone’s favorite target to kill or hunt. if you successfully survive 5 minutes then you can collect the bounty and Dark Zone XP as well.

It Totally depends on your rogue-level that you will be marked only for other players in your area or be a visible marker on the map when you hit rogue level 5. When you are killed as Rogue Agent, you not only lose the loot that you just stole, you will also lose Dark Zone Keys and Dark Zone XP(depending on your Rogue-Level). When you get killed as Rogue Agent your respawn timer is also longer. When you attack a Rogue Agent, this has no repercussions for you. You can kill him, get his loot and the bounty that was set on his head and earn the DZ XP and DZ Credits.

How do Death and respawn-mechanic work

If a player is downed, he goes in a bleed out-state. While he is bleeding out, he can crawl to safety to be picked up by his team-mates. As soon as a player is downed, he loses the contaminated loot that has not been extracted. When he is killed he loses some Dark Zone Experience and respawns at the nearest checkpoint where the player can enter the Dark Zone. When he is revived he can pick up his loot where he died, but only if it has not been stolen already.