The Division: How to Wear Mask Outside Contaminated Area

In the Division, your main mission is to take back the New York, help the survivors and Restore Order. You must upgrade your base of Operation Wings in order to unlock new skills and upgrades. This Guide will show you how to wear the mask all the time in The Division. The Mask is now wearable outside the Contaminated area.

How to Wear Mask Outside Contaminated Area

There are 4 levels of the contaminated area where the first level is easy and we are secured with the help of the Gas Mask, but as we travel to different sections in the are you will encounter much higher level Contaminated area. The Gas Mask won’t work in Level 2-3 Contaminated area so you must equip the Gas Mask that compensates the contamination level for this you must upgrade your Medical Wing.

How Wear Mask Outside Contaminated Area

If you want to use the Mask as your Accessories then you can follow the below steps to Equip them.

Step 1:

Open inventory

Step 2:

Inspect mask you have equipped (default key is ‘G’ for PC)

Step 3:

Back out of inspecting screen

Step 4:

Enjoy with you New Mask.

If you want to Remove the Mask then Just Restart the Game. Do Check our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the Game secrets.