The Division: Intel and Mega Map Features Guide

 The Division: Intel and Mega Map Features Guide

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The Division has a drop-in and drop-out co-op system which is why it has a non-linear story progression. Instead of forcing the player to run a pre-defined path through the open-world, you have no natural borders and because of that, you can join any story progression. So Player can explore according to his need, but the only things that will interrupt are the character level of the area. You need to explore and gather the Intels to know more about the incident and past.

Intel and Mega Map

This guide for The Division will explain you about the Intel and its categories like Evidence and Collectibles whereas Mega-Map Functions will help you fast travel and group up with other players with the matchmaker.

Intel and Types

We can divide Intel into two categories – Evidence and Collectibles. The Evidence will give you an insight into the past events for different Factions and how the situation developed in the past whereas the Collectibles can be phone recordings, Crashed drones etc which you must find while exploring the Area. There are total 293 items to be collected in the Division:

  • 24 – Survival Guide (April Kelleher’s book)
  • 130 – Phone Recording
  • 40 – Incident Reports (involving the different factions)
  • 16 – Crashed Drones
  • 20 – Missing Agents
  • 63 – ECHOs

When you have collected all the items for a specific section, as shown in the Incident Report-Section, you will be rewarded with a cosmetic item. While the Field Data can be gathered in the open world, the Evidence can be gathered as you do missions.

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Mega-Map Functions

The Map is structured in 22 different districts, that can be explored from the beginning which means there is no physical barrier between the different areas. But just because you are allowed explore everything, it will get very difficult very fast, because each district has enemies on a specific level and as you walk through the different areas, there will be a point where you simply can’t survive the encounters.

There are multiple features of Mega-Map, but there are two main functions which you always be useful and they are Fast Travel and Matchmaker.

Fast Travel

While there are no mounts or cars available in The Division, fast-travel is included. The fast-travel points in The Division are the Base of Operations and the Safe Houses in the various Districts. While each District has a Safe House, there is only one Base of Operations. The Fast-Travel process is very simple. Activate the Mega-Map, select one of the Fast-Travel-Points and then confirm to travel. You won’t be able to fast-travel in the Dark Zone, so you have to use one of the checkpoints to exit the Dark Zone.


The next big feature of the Mega-Map is Matchmaking. You don´t have to go to one of the Safe Houses to group up with other players, simply open your Mega-Map and you can do that directly. Search for players and join up with them to continue the journey together.