The Division Inventory Space Management Trick: How To Manage Low Space Without Breaking Anything Down

Many players are finding it difficult to manage their inventory in Tom Clancy’s The Division. As soon as they get low on space they start to break things down. Here is an interesting tip which will help The Division players in managing inventory effectively. If you are getting low on space and you don’t want to break anything down then you can put mods inside guns and it will count as less space taken.

Tom Clancy's The Division Inventory Management Tip

The best example I can provide on this is: Suppose if you have an Assualt Rifle, a Mag mod, a Silencer and a Scope then just put the mods into the gun. Now instead of using FOUR spots in your pack you are using just ONE spot.

Also, another way of getting around a little bit easier is to HOLD CIRCLE on PS4 (if you are playing the game on Xbox One or PC then press the key that you use to get over objects) while running instead of tapping it. Last but not the least, marking as junk allow you to dismantle all marked items at once.

Hope this inventory management guide will help you a lot in Tom Clancy’s The Division. If you have any more tips and tricks like this then do share it with us in the comment section below. Check out our entire Tom Clancy’s The Division Wiki detailing everything you need to know about this game: how to guide, tips and tricks, walkthrough and many other things.