The Division: Pro Tips and Tricks for Dark Zone Survival Guide

 The Division: Pro Tips and Tricks for Dark Zone Survival Guide

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The Dark Zone in The Division is a quarantined area where military once gathered and they tried to find the cure of the sick. In order to enter the Dark Zone, you must entry through checkpoints or climb the wall surrounding it. Once you enter the area your survival begins and this guide will show how to survive in Dark Zone, understand the game mechanic and play like a pro.

Dark Zone Survival

The Dark Zone is a PVP enabled area with an unknown mix factor and thus, you could be attacked by other players at any time. So it is recommended to enter the Dark Zone in a group so that you can profit from the group synergies and protect each other. If You try entering the Dark Zone solo then you have to be extra careful and keep an eye on the Rogue Agents along with other agents running in the area.

Dark Zone Survival Guide

  1. The First and the most important tip you must not attack the player without Dark Zone Pouch because it is pointless. If you have a Rough Player nearby then you are sort of safe as all the players will focus on taking them down, but this doesn’t mean you must be careless.
  2. Always check the first hit you get from an enemy, confirm was it intentional or by mistake. This will help you avoid turning into a Rogue Player by returning fire and becoming the common target.
  3. You can try using the Pulse mod (Scrambler), which will help you block enemy pulse scans when activated. The Master Bonus of the Pulse-Skill will warn you automatically if you have been scanned by a pulse from an enemy player.
  4. Whenever you see a player is in downed state, head straight to him and finish him off with one simple melee hit.
  5. Any player can hang their stuff to the helicopter rope. So even when another group calls the extraction, you can still hang your gear to the rope (if they let you)
  6. When you call the extraction, wait in cover and be on the lookout for other players. Use the pulse to identify them and, if necessary, abandon the extraction to the other players.
  7. Dark Zone also has small private Safe Rooms that only you or your group can enter. You will find a special Dark Zone Vendor there and you are safe from other players.
  8. Stay in cover when you pass other groups this way they can only detect you with the pulse and pulse has a cooldown.
  9. EMP grenades cancel any active enemy Skill in its radius.
  10. Energy Bar instantly removes all negative Status Effects on the player and protects the player from all Status Effects for 5s.
  11. The Flashbang-mod of the Sticky Grenade does little damage but can provoke another agent to go rogue themselves.
  12. To recognize the skills the other players using is by checking out their backpacks and be prepared for their attacks. Every skill you have equipped will be visually represented on your backpack and the same goes for others.

We will keep updating this guide as we encounter few more Helpful tips just for you, till then do check our Division Wiki page.