The Division: Rare Named Elite Enemy Spawn Location Guide

In the Division, Players have already started their exploration in the Dark Zone and the places where they have encountered the Boss Fight. But Have you explored the Rare Elite Enemies outside Dark Zone? Here is the location for all the Rare Elite Enemies outside the Dark Zone in the Division.

Elite Enemy Spawn Location

If you want to know the Dark Zone Bosses then do check our Guide for Dark Zone Boss Location. The Rare Elite Enemies outside the Dark Zone drop 2 Purple weapons and gears along with Phoenix Credits. One of the Reddit Users have created this Map and Shared all the location for Rare Elite Enemies and Here are their locations.

Rare Named Elite Enemy Spawn Location

Garment District(1370,1355)

  • Underground Between W 39th st and W38th St


  • Above W22nd st Middle between 7th and 6th Ave


  • Above E 23rd st between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave


  • Above No Street

Murray Hill(1330,3022)

  • Above E 38th st near FDR Dive

Turtle Bay(1975,2744)

  • Above 2nd Ave, E 47th st

Hudson Yards(1234,390)

  • Above 12th Ave

Midtown East(2182, 2587)

  • Above 3rd Ave Between E 53rd and 52nd St

Here is the Map for all the above Rare Elite Enemies Location outside Dark Zone. Also, have a look at our The Division Wiki Page to know more about the game.