The Division: Secret and Hidden Chest Loot Location Guide

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In The Division along with Main Mission, the Wings also offer you side-missions, encounters, and Task which will allow you to gather resources to buy upgrades for the respective Wings at Base of Operation. These missions are only available once and to be gathered from JTF(Joint Task Force) Officers or from the situation board in the Safe houses.

Secret and Hidden Chest

During these Side-Missions, you will go through different parts of the Map where you normally don’t explore. If you try to explore during the missions you will find the Secret, Hidden Loot which contains rare items and can only found once. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Mission and the hidden location guide.

Where to find Secret and Hidden Chest Loot

Tip: If you Level Up(15+) and then try to open this chest then you might get a Higher level loot.

Madison Field Hospital Secret Chest

This is the first mission from the Medical Wing where you will be exploring the whole Stadium. Once you get out of the Elevator, take a left and head towards the locked door, use your Lockpick and get to the other side which is a contaminated area and the secret hidden chest is waiting for you at the end of the contaminated area.

Note: Level 2 Mask Filter is Needed to Enter.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Secret Chest

This is the first mission from the Security Wing where you need to kill the Guards at the Tunnel entrance(North of the Base of Operations), then climb the rope and you will see this chest on your Left.

Broadway Emporium Secret Chest

Again the Medical Wing Mission where you head East to the edge of the Dark Zone. Kill the Thugs in the hall then go into the basement and turn on the Sprinklers. Now escape the room and head left and you will come to the locked door(Left of Corridor), picklock it and grab the loot.

Rooftop Comm Relay Secret Chest

This Mission is from the Tech Wing and as you start the mission keep going through the objectives until they ask you to head towards the antenna, this is the time when you will hunt and investigate the area and you will find the chest on the same roof top where you see a dead soldier and sofas.

Subway Morgue Secret Chest

Another Tech Wing Mission where you must keep completing the objectives until they ask you to ‘Reconnect the Circuit Breaker’ This time if we are not wrong you will be inside the yellow flashlight area near the elevator, so you need to climb the ladder and get to the wrecked ceiling, head inside to Grab this loot.

Amherst Apartment Mission Secret Chest

This Mission will be encountered in South Clinton Area where you must secure the entrance of the Amherst Apartment. After killing the enemies enter the building and climb the stairs, turn left and then climb the staircase again until you reach the rooftop. As you see the open door, simply head left and you will see the secret chest right beside you.

Lexington Event Center Secret Chest

In This Mission, once you get inside the building, start climbing the staircase(left) and then head right to see the path leading to the fire exit. Use the Staircase to head down to the room with a spotlight there you see your Secret chest is waiting for you.

Police Academy Secret Chest

Once you start the mission, you find a distress signal and after locating it you must defend the Academy from the enemy waves. After you manage to kill them all head towards the white door then picklock it and grab your loot.

Warengate Power Plant Secret Chest

This is another tech mission, complete all the objective and finally, you will find yourself inside the control Room with ECHO in it, right next to it is your Secret chest.

Time Square Secret Chest

This chest is very easy to obtain as it doesn’t even need to start the mission, simply head down to the Broadway Street to Time Square then climb up via stairs and look for this chest on the second level behind the flag.

Grand Central Station Secret Chest

After Starting the Mission head Southside at the top floor in order to find the Stairs(Murray Hill Signboard) on the left. Once you climb up head in inside the ‘High Voltage’ Warning Signs and you will find your chest at the edge of the room.

Russian Consulate Secret Chest

After starting the Mission get inside the Main Hall via a heavy door which is next to the table with a laptop. Check for the Surveillance monitors on the right and the chest will be behind the Russian Flag.

General Assembly Secret Chest

As you Enter the United Nations Building you have to head left and jump over the counter display at the back then turn left and you will see this little chest on a wooden crate.

Queens Tunnel Camp Secret Chest

This is the Security Wing Mission, once you start the mission and complete few objectives you will be heading inside the Queens Tunnel for ‘Locating the System Server'(objective) and after passing two of the trucks on the right you will find a locked door behind the container and another one few steps ahead in the Tunnel itself.

Dark Zone Chest Map Location



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