The Division: Ultimate Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

 The Division: Ultimate Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online open world third-person shooter video game where the game sets in Manhattan Island where devastating pandemic sweeps through the basic services and the society collapses into chaos. In this Chaos, there are different factions which have their own Goal in which the Division agents are trained to Operate independently. To Help you survive you must know every possible section of the game and this article will show you everything you need to know.

Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Beginners Guide

Basic and District

As you start the game, you will find yourself on Manhattan Island where everything is lockdown and each entrance is under Military Surveillance so it is impossible to leave the island. This Island is Divided into 22 districts which are totally explorable from the start. From this 22 Districts, 16 are normally accessible from the Map while the rest 6 is the Dark Zone and each area have certain level enemies so it’s better to Level up first and then only enter the Area. Here are the District and their Enemy Level.

Map Districts:

  • Camp Hudson (Level: 3-4)
  • Chelsea (Level: 2-4)
  • Pennsylvania Plaza (Level: 3-5)
    • Specialty: Base of Operating
  • Hudson Yards(Level: 5-9)
  • Garment District(Level: 5-9)
  • Tenderloin (Level: 9-12)
  • Times Square (Level: 10-13)
  • Hell´s Kitchen (Level: 10-13)
    • Specialty: Safe House + Vendor + JTF Officer
  • Clinton (Level: 14-15)
  • Flatiron District (Level: 15-16)
  • Gramercy (Level: 16-18)
  • Stuyvesant (Level: 18-19)
  • Kips Bay (Level: 20-23)
  • Murray Hill (Level: 24-26)
  • Turtle Bay (Level: 27-28)
  • Midtown East (Level: 28-30)

Dark Zone District:

  • DZ01 – 10 to 12
  • DZ02 – 13 to 15
  • DZ03 – 16 to 18
  • DZ04 – 22 to 24
  • DZ05 – 27 to 29
  • DZ06 – 29 to 30

Environment and Survival

The Original Map of the game is six times more than the Beta map so it is very much possible to fight on street level, inside the buildings, underground or inside the tunnels. As the game sets in mid-crisis New York City, the game mechanic has also designed accordingly where you have to find your way around, fight with Fogs, get help, support the Joint Task Force(JTF)


Player vs Environment World

This Game has a totally different approach for PvE then the rest of the MMOs as the goal is not to just create a detailed map, but the living world that exists in the background. The PvE is everything except the Dark Zone area. This place will be our main part of the Story where you need to take back New York. Any of your friends can join(up to 3) to play a 4 player squad. If you don’t invite any then you are the Lone Wolf with no Bots to fill up the group space. Your Group level will automatically reflect the difficulty and loot quality in the game.

Hub Zone

The Camp Hudson is the big Hub area where you arrive first it will be at the right side of the Hudson River. This area is full of a larger group is known for trading, buying and selling of items from vendors. There will be on one Base of Operation which is will be separate for each player whereas there are multiple Safe House to meet and gang up with other players. These Safe Houses are also the fast travel Points so make good use of it.

Dark Zone

In the Middle of the Town is the Dark Zone and it is a quarantined area where military once gathered and they tried to find the cure of the sick. In order to enter the Dark Zone, you must entry through checkpoints or climb the wall surrounding it. The Area is PvP enabled so there is astonishing loot inside the Dark Zone but there will be Bots and other Players waiting for you so be prepared. Check the level of the area mentioned above and then take the risk to attack the players.

Once you get the loot you must get to the extraction point to call the helicopter and extract the Loot. This loot will be available in your Stash at the Base of Operations. Dark Zone also has small private Safe Rooms that only you or your group can enter. You will find a special Dark Zone Vendor there and you are safe from other players.

Base of Operation

This the Head and only one Base of Operation for each player. Here you can take missions and upgrade the wings. This is a place to coordinate with your co-agents and also is a central part of the game and character progression. You will never see another player here as this will be completely private. The Base of Operation has three wings (Technology, Security, Medical) that have to be unlocked and upgraded.

Enemies and Factions

There are Total 5 factions including The Division and every faction has different tactics, equipment, and motives. The 5 Factions are Rioters, the Cleaners, the Rikers, The Last Man Battalion and The Division. There are three different types of enemies you will encounter in the game:

The Normal Enemies

These Enemies have a Single Health bar and usually easy to kill as well. If you manage to take a Headshot then you can get early kills.

Veteran Enemies

These are equipped with Body Armor which can be seen at the white bar above their health bar so before making your move just try to penetrate their armor first then coordinate with your teammates to focus on specific targets and grab the armor-piercing bonus.

Elite Enemies

These are the people which carry something besides the health bar like special skills on a regular basis. You will see a great symbol for example which means he is about to throw the grenade and that the time to attack and let him take the full damage.

Boss Fight

These are not the actual Boss Fights, but yes high-level enemies which are just impossible to beat. They are highlighted with a Red Skull next to the health bar which indicates he is, at least, five levels above then yours and you must turn back nad enter the area when you are ready.

How to Combat

In a Tactical RPG game, the combat is a very important aspect in order to survive the enemy waves. You can either hip-fire or first aim and then fire or take cover and start a blind fire. While Zooming you have two options one is over the shoulder of the character and second is to use the attached scope of the weapon which will give you the First person experience.

Coming to Pistol it has infinite ammo as they have skipped melee attack. Also, take cover to lower your threat and the best way to kill is using Silencer. Keep a good coordination with your team to get easy and early kills by keeping a good firing order.

Cooperation and Communication

One of the Most Essential Part in The Division is the Co-op where you consider to grouping up with other players. You must be aware of the group you are about to join because when a group enters the area there is a higher chance of the lowest player to get an instant kill with a head shot and if you are the lowest then best of luck. You can also invite players to join your group or use the group finder to join.

With Co-operation, communication also matters with your group, you must talk to each other and built-in VoIP or Text chat is also an option to players with no microphone. There are Emotes to communicate like Applaud, Help, Jumping Jacks, Wave, Salute and Give Up/Surrender. Use Them.

Intel: Collectible and Evidence

The Division map is open from the beginning and the only restriction you have, is your character level, because in some areas you simply can’t survive and have to level and gear up. The Intel is split up into two categories – Evidence and Collectibles where the Collectibles can be phone recordings or Incident Reports that can be found as you explore Midtown.

The Evidence will give you insight into past events, the activities of the different Factions and how the situation developed over the past weeks. As you explore the open world, the different Collectibles will be detected automatically and marked on the Mega-Map for later pickup.

Characters and Weapons

The Weapons have five archetypes (Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, DMR, and Shotgun) plus the sidearm. Each weapon is available in different rarities (worn to high-end) and they are locked to a specific player level. You can only equip weapons that have the same or a lower level than your character and as you level-up you need to replace these weapons on a regular basis. Depending on the weapon-rarity, some have to be replaced sooner than others. Here are the five types of Rarities for the weapon:

  • White – worn
  • Green – standard
    • Requires: Pistol 1 Weapon Talent
  • Blue – specialized
    • Requires: 1 Weapon Talent
  • Purple – superior
    • Requires: 2 Weapon Talents
  • Orange – high-end
    • Requires: 3 Weapon Talents

The Character leveling progression is based on three major pillars, The character level, the Dark Zone rank and the Base of Operation(BoO). The character level decides what gear you can equip, the Dark Zone Rank decides what gear you can buy from the Dark Zone Vendor and the BoO progression controls what Skills, Talents, and Perks you can use.


Pro Tips

  1. Try Aiming for the head if you have time as they give more Damage Bonus.
  2. Explosives have their potential so you must use it wisely such as blowing up the cleaner tanks, barrels, and others to deal with the massive damage.
  3. Unlock the First Medical Wing Skill to avoid running out of medkits which help you heal yourself and your friends.
  4. Jump away from Grenade or tricky situations? Try double tapping the spacebar(PC) and just combat roll while running.
  5. LMGs get more Accurate and Stable if you hold them for a longer time.
  6. The Best way to flank your enemies if by Using Cover to Cover process and to perform all you need to do is hold Space and point to next cover.
  7. To gain the XP faster by 10% you must Complete the First Security Mission.
  8. Dismantle all the junk item you need no more to gain the Crafting materials
  9. To Slide down faster you can hold Space while climbing down the stairs.
  10. To Unlock Major Blueprints you must complete the Side missions
  11. Enemy when Suppressed you can see a symbol above their head which shows the countdown of sorts for the grenade, change cover or flank.
  12. To unlock the high-level weapons and clothes you must Unlock the supply line from Security Wing Laptop.
  13. Run into any nearby unvisited safe houses to unlock them as fast travel points and Inside EVERY safehouse, talk to the JTF officer and examine the board to mark sidequests on your map
  14. Throw turret, Hold RB to destroy it and reset cooldown clock
  15. Switch which shoulder you’re aiming over by pressing the left stick in while aiming
  16. Aim through an equipped scope by pressing the right stick in while aiming

These were everything about the game mechanics, Survival and if you want to know more about the game then do check out our The Division Wiki page.


Here are some of the tips and tricks from the Reddit.

  1. It is possible to make the backpack of the enemy explode. All you need to do is shoot them (backpack). Also, you can shoot the enemy that is about to throw a grenade towards you. This will make him drop the grenade at his feet. Additionally, you can also shoot at enemies packs (backpacks, holsters and others) to make them STUN, make them explode or other such effects. The best example i can provide you here is try shooting one of the LMG rioters backpack, if you manage to hit his backpack enough number of time, it will explode, stun him and does a good amount of damage to him. Also, it does damage to the other enemies surrounding him. In case of Flamethrowers, they have a Fuel Tank on their back, so as to hit it enough number of time (go for sniper hit if you are strong enough, just ONE hit will be required) it causes springs a leak and explode. This is the best way to cause a massive damage to enemies (in case of Flamethrowers only).
  2. If you are playing on PC then here is some amazing key shortcuts: You can tap SPRINT to slide down ladders, Z to mark, tap SHIFT to switch shoulders, tap TAB to scope in, press I for inventory, press X to strip mods quickly, Middle mouse click to zoom, Tab or Middle Click (Mouse 3) for scope in and melee as well.
  3. Shoot the red electric panels on the wall to stun enemies
  4. I highly recommend you to go to any of the nearby unvisited safe houses because it will permanently unlock them as a Fast Travel point for you. Also, inside every safehouse you must talk to the JTF officer and examine the board to mark sidequests on your map. Wait this does not end here, when open up the map you will see that the map is separated into different areas based off of a level difficulty. There are safe houses, or a base of operations, in every zone. When you talk to the JTF he will unlock your side missions. Then if you go over to the board you can unlock encounters on the map. From there you can complete all of the missions, side missions, and encounters in the zone. Once you have completed all the side missions you will have one final mission where you return to the JTF officer and he will send you to the next safe house.
  5. You should not dismantle a gun with a skin applied because if you do you will lose the skin.
  6. If you mark all your unwanted items as trash, then when you go to deconstruct the next item it will deconstruct all items marked as trash. This eliminate the process of deconstructing one item at a time.
  7. Kill the short-range/melee enemies first. If you don’t then your whole squad could be in trouble if they penetrate your position.
  8. As the enemy pushes forward, fall back. As the enemy falls back, push forward. Map control is the fifth soldier in your squad.
  9. When it comes to boss fights I recommend you to kill additional enemies in the fight (the filler ones). These purple guys do a lot of damage if you ignore them and left alone, they are really easy to kill so do get rid of them pretty early.
  10. The healing station ability you throw down can be destroyed before the time expires by pressing the key again and will shave time off from the cool down for it.
  11. When using ballistic shield, sprinting will lower the shield and canceling sprint or going ADS will bring it back up. You can’t vault or drop off ledges with the shield up, but if you sprint to lower it, you can do these things without putting shield on cool down.
  12. If you like exploring, run down the sidewalks instead of the middle of the street. You’ll be closer to any resource nodes so they’ll pop up on the mini map and let you know if there’s an explorable building nearby.
  13. If you drop a surgical pack (third med ability) and get downed, you can use the pack to revive. This also works for fireteam members.
  14. Don’t shoot if there are no enemies around. Shooting or pointing the gun will scare civilians and you’ll lose potential civilian rewards
  15. Most abilities have a “twice press” functionality. For example if you press the heal twice, you’ll activate it at your current location healing yourself and allies around you. Same goes for the smart cover ability. The turret ability pressed twice makes your character place the turret on top of your current cover.
  16. Always check the restock boxes. Restocking on the field won’t replenish your frag grenades but restock at the first HQ (and probably many other locations) will however restock your grenades
  17. Be sure to utilize snacks, sodas, ammunition buffs (e.g. press Alt+1 for incendiary ammo buff, Alt+2 for explosive ammo buff). Be sure to check out the settings to view all of the shortcuts (if anyone could post the full layout that would be nice, i am at work for 9 more hours)
  18. Don’t use parkour mode because this can mess up your gaming experience, instead use manual parkour. If you sprint towards an object, holding down the CTRL key activates the parkour mode
  19. When you are using a shotgun aim for the head. Works extremely well on Yellows which are otherwise hard to kill. If you are playing in a team, get your partner to draw agro and then run up to the enemy and start going to town on his head with your shotty. You can have a yellow killed in seconds.