The Division: Where to Find the Dark Zone Chest Location Guide

In The Division, as you start exploring the Dark Zone area you will have two ways to acquire the gear – First is to start killing the AI enemies, they will drop the loot just like it work in the Story mode and the second is by Looting the Chest. Whenever you have the gear that’s when a yellow colored mat bag is going to appear on your back. This guide will show you where to find them along with some location tips.

Where to Find the Dark Zone Chest

As you explore the world, the buildings and the corners of the Dark Zone or the subways, you will find smaller and bigger treasure chests that will reward you with weapons and other valuable goods. There are 3 kinds of Treasure Chests in the Dark Zone. Smaller chests can be opened when you find them, other chests can only be opened when you have a specific Dark Zone Rank and the biggest ones can only be opened with Dark Zone Keys. The big chests are located all over the map and are usually guarded by a group of enemy NPCs that need to be killed first.

Tip: Even if you donĀ“t have a key to open the chests when one of your group has a key and every player is close to the chest when he opens it, you can also loot the chest.

Where to Find the Treasure Chest in Dark Zone

Dark Zone 01 Chest

The First Chest is located underground in the station at Greeley Square.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-1.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-2.jpg

The second Chest is north of the Greeley Square, inside the same station

the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-3.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-4.jpg

This one is in the middle of the map inside the Blockade.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-5.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-6.jpg

The Fourth Chest is between the first and second floors of Kalkesse Sports Store.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-7.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-01-8.jpg

Dark Zone 02 Chest

On the Top Left corner of the Map in the W 38th Street

the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-1.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-2.jpg

East of the safehouse to the Library you must loot around the gap between the stairs.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-3.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-4.jpg

Head inside the Construction Site, on the bottom floor in the lobby.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-5.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-6.jpg

This one is at the Edge of the map, between E 31st Street and E 29th Street.

the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-7.jpg the-divison-chest-location-dz-02-8.jpg

Dark Zone 03 Chest

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Dark Zone 04 Chest

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Dark Zone 05 Chest

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Dark Zone 06 Chest

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The Chest Location Guide will be updated as we explore the Dark Zone Area, till then you can check our The Division Wiki Guide to know more about the game and collectibles.