Chapter 14: Burning the Altar And Chapter 15: The End of This World Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

In the previous Chapter – 12 and 13, Sebastian was able to find Theodore and he enters his stronghold after Hoffman sacrifices herself. He has gone deeper into the Stronghold to face Theodore who is taking benefit from Sebastian’s guilt. Finally, he finds Myra and tries to confront her to save Lily, but it looks she is not into her senses at all. So you will have to follow her.

Chapter 14 And Chapter 15 Walkthrough - The Evil Within 2

Chapter 14: Burning the Altar Walkthrough

Climb Theodore’s stronghold to confront him

Theodores Stronghold - The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough Theodores Stronghold 1 - The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough

The stronghold is more like a massive chapel, walk towards the center, and you will reach a table with some herbs. There is also Theodore’s Scripture. There is a door behind, once you enter that you will hear his voice. In this room, you will see a lift, the door-less room on your right will have a mirror and some items. One on the left with the door will take you to stairs, as you reach it, this will look like endless. But soon after a few second things will be normal, so keep going up. After opening up the final door you will reach a room with burning cages. Enemies will spawn from below and a gate on the left will close.

Stronghold Gate 1 - The Evil Within 2 Stronghold Gate 2 - The Evil Within 2

Best is to sneak and kill enemies from behind without raising any alert. You can easily crawl between the cover and kill them one by one. Another way is to lure them near the cylinders and freeze them. You will have to find the lever, to open the gate. Look at the second image above, there is an entrance on the right, you have to go in it and kill two enemies. Then walk through a narrow passage and ahead you will see the lever.

Stronghold Gate 3 - The Evil Within 2 Stronghold Gate 4 - The Evil Within 2

Once the gate is open run towards it, but do look for the enemies in your path. Cross it and take metal stairs on your right. You will hear the voice of Theodore once again. On top, turn the lever on the left side to turn off the fire. As you go up, there will be one room on the left, it will give you access to the Mirror, you can visit the safe house for upgrades or turn right and head to the next fire. Shoot the metal pipe on top to stop the fire. Now this area will have some creatures ahead, take the door on the right and you will reach a room where the fire stops for a while. Cross when the fire stops and do look for the flamethrower enemy ahead. After crossing it you will reach another door on left with fire and some creatures.

Stronghold Gate 5 - The Evil Within 2

Go in quietly, wait for the enemy to pass and then walk right, shoot the shining metal pipe to turn off the fire, there will be an enemy just behind it and more will join. After killing them walk ahead and turn off the second fire door by rotating the lever. Next, you will reach to a place with a lot of cages, there is a handle on the left that will lock you in and an enemy will spawn from below. Kill it first, use a handgun and keep running around. Once you are done, take the stairs and go up.

Climb Theodore’s stronghold to confront him

You will reach a lift ahead, and there will be a mirror on the right. So you can either continue with the story by entering into the lift or go to your room for upgrades. The Lift will take you up to a huge room, where at the center you will see the symbol. Enter the door and you will once again see Theodore ahead.

chainsaw-boss.jpg / hammer-axe-boss.jpg

Chainsaw Boss - The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough Hammer Axe Boss - The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough

After the cutscene run from the Chainsaw boss, and in the next cutscene you will see Sebastian killing him. Use the chainsaw against the boss to kill him. There is then the next one with a hammer axe, run around and use a Freeze Bolt against him. Once he is frozen you can use the flamethrower to bring him down fast. You will have to try the same a couple of time, plant a freeze bolt to block him for a while. This will be a tough fight, you have to keep on moving around. There will be two of them.

Next will be Laura. You have to run a bit fast to dodge her attacks, she will follow you, and you can use the electric bolt to shun her for a while. Try not to stay in her range at all cost. Her teleporting power makes her stronger against you. But through electric shots, you can stop for a while. There is a switch in the room which turns on fire from the roof, and two levers around. You have to find them one by one and then as she comes near the roof of fire, hit the switch. This will burn her. It is a complicated process but you have to keep running and lure her towards two.

In the next cut scene, you will see Myra killing the father. But things went wrong, after getting stabbed by Myra, she will destroy the place. Exit the hall, and the chapter is over.

Chapter 15: The End of This World Walkthrough

Search for Myra

Myra Location 1 - The Evil Within 2

Outside you will see Union is almost destroyed. Turn right and you will see a light, as you fall down to keep walking ahead crossing the frozen bodies and in between the apartments. Ahead your path will be blocked with a thick smoke, and you there is a cutscene you will see Sebastian spot Myra.

Three Hidden Mobius Chest Location:

After she goes, you have to exit the room and you will see a Mirror just below the stairs as you cross the broken wall on your right. On the left of this mirror, there is another area, on the right you will get some weapon parts. You can also see the broken wall, you cannot go down, but there is three Mobius chest below, you can unlock them to get some upgrades. To access these chest, turn around and from outside take the stairs. As you reach the end on the right look for a barrel behind the stairs, shoot it and it will blow up the wall.

Follow Myra through remains of Union

Once she disappears, you have to find your way down, take stairs on your right and you will reach the lower grounds. Keep following Myra, through the ruins. Your path will be now blocking by some creatures.

Defeat the enemies and chase after Myra

Kill the enemies and then go after Myra, you can survey the area for items before moving ahead. There will be more of these creature, they can be easily killed by a flamethrower. The path will open once you are done killing the creatures. You will fall down and this time in a crowd of enemies. After killing them path ahead will open up.

Chase Myra - The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough

You will then have to face a bigger one ahead, one that will carry an electric pole towards you, draw it near the car and shoot. Keep shooting the red part of the enemy. And stay away from the electric shock attack. After killing it the path ahead will open up. In the next cut scene, she will destroy the place, and you will see Sebastian falling down into a new region.

This is the end of Chapter 15, Myra does not seem an easy target, you have to keep on upgrading yourself before you reach the final part of the game. You can read our walkthrough on the final ending part of Evil Within 2 Chapter 16 In Limbo or you can also refer to our Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide.