Chapter 2: Something Not Quiet Right Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

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In Chapter 1: Into The Flame, Sebastian’s is taken by Mobius to investigate into the STEM. Sebastian is in STEM now, you will be finding trails of 5 missing agents of Mobius and Lily. In this part, you will also get weapons and learn various movements like taking cover, Sneak kill, etc. You will also learn about gathering items for crafting in this part, and one of the gruesome bosses for a while.

Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 2: Something Not Quiet Right Walkthrough

Investigate Mobius Agents Photos at Safe House:

As you start looking into the pictures on board the second chapter starts. Kidman will say that waking up them directly is not possible, so the objective is to find them all one by one. Below is the list of five agents you will have to locate further.

Mobius Agents

  • William Baker: Team Leader – Combat Specialist, Tactical Planning
  • Miles Harrison: Hardware Support – Heavy Equipment Repair, Combat Specialist
  • Liam O’Neal: Technical Support – Equipment Fabrication, Logistics
  • Julian Sykes: STEM Software Programmer – Communications, Small Arms Proficiency
  • Yukiko Hoffman: Psychological Profiling – Team Medic, Surveillance

Next to Mobius agent pictures you will see pictures of Union town, a STEM environment. On the left of the room, you will see a drawing and some certificates on the wall.

Search for the Mobius team members within STEM for a lead on finding Lily:

Go out of the office and you will see a black cat on the table. Pickup Photographic Slide, this is a kind of collectible in the game. you can place it in the projector to look the picture in the slide. A common location to find the slide is on people’s attic and estate sales. Get back to the cat and pick a Green Gel from the floor. This gel will help you to increase abilities further.

Save Terminal

Once you are done taking things and investigating your Safe room go to the mirror ahead that just got activated. on the right side, you will see Save Terminal. These terminals will be also available in Sebastian’s room other than Safe Rooms. Go near the mirror move ahead. In the next cut scene, you will see Sebastian with his wife and daughter.

Mobius Agent Baker

After the cutscene, you will be in a dark place, turn left and you will find a door that will lead you to a hall with red curtains. Keep running straight toward the red door and you will be in a lobby. Go to the end and enter the door on your left. On your right there is a kitchen where you will find a collectible item File, this one is a picture of the agent being shot. In the hall, you will see a Mobius agent Baker stuck in a time when he is shot. You look through the camera. You can walk near the agent and investigate the gruesome crime scene. Go back in the kitchen, turn right you will see some shelf’s in the end, take a right tend and look for the last bookshelf on your left. When you interact there is a path behind it.

Bakers Room

This room will lead you to stairs on your right, the iron door on your left is locked. Go near the stairs and take the phone. Go upstairs and on the first floor on your left is a half-open metal door, in that you will find a File. Turn around and walk to the white door ahead, you will see a woman shouting. Then go up till the end and you will reach a room with red curtains on your right. Go inside, and cross a white door. You will spot a guy who is being murdered by a mysterious man who has a knife and camera in his hand.

Hide From Stefano Valentini:

Stefano Valentini

You will learn to use Cover here, this will help you to stay hidden from the enemy. Learn the controls displayed on the screen, the objective of this part is to stay hidden in Cover. Hide behind the sofa, keep moving, as the guy approaches near you, he will go away from the same entrance from where you came. Investigate the stabbed man. Take the door on your right. Cross the lobby with pictures on your left and you will reach other stairs with a huge pendulum and dead bodies hanging on top. the room on your left of stairs has nothing go right, and you will see the creepy door shuts down. Inside you will also hear a voice, go near the table and you will find a picture a File. Collect it and return to the stairs to go up.

Follow Photographer Follow Photographer 2

On the first floor, you will see an open door, as you enter you will spot the same guy who stabbed someone before. Go behind him, keep following the stairs, and you will reach a pretty weird figure, like one in the second image above. You can investigate it, and it seems alive. There will be two lifts on your left, enter the one that opens up. It will take you to a dark room, crouch below metal gate on your left. Walk straight and you will see hanging bodies. cross them and on the wall, you will see a red eye symbol.

Run From The Gruesome, Giggling Guardian:

Room Hanging Bodies

Go near the eye and you will see a camera on your backside. Look through the camera and you will see a door. After opening the door you will see the murderer photographer Stefano Valentini, in front of you, after a flash he will disappear. once again you will see a huge eye symbol the wall. Turn around and walk towards the mirror on your right, take the photo on it and be ready for some horror.

Laura Creature

Now you will have to face The Gruesome, Giggling Guardian. She is a massive monster with many heads and a blade arm. You have to run away from her. Run in a circle and take the path from where she appeared. She will follow you, keep running until you reach at the end of this area. Turn right and you will see a door. In that room, you have to climb up into the vent from left.

Guardian Escape Vent

Climb up and crawl through the vent to another location, she will attack you. You will reach a spot from where you can jump down in a room that looks like a lab. The Gruesome, Giggling Guardian will appear again and you have to run. Run towards Stefano, he is not your friend, so probably he is not there to help. After you fall and the Guardian grabs you, you have to Struggle to get rid of her. This is a control in the game that you have to learn.

Crappy Old Abandoned House:

Settings Shortcut

You will get your first weapon in the game, a knife that Stefano Valentini gifts you in a weird way. Learn about Automatic Health Regeneration, as your Life Gauge reaches the lowest point, you can recover by hiding somewhere in safe. After the attack stands for a while for some health regeneration. Then go out and you will be in a crappy old house. In the main hall on the left side of the main door, you will find a gun. And on the table in rear window, you will get Medical Syringes. This can be later used for health restoration. Through the game menu under Settings Shortcuts, you get 9 slots. One is occupied by the communication device. Others can be used for weapons.

Abandoned House

In the hall there is a door on the left, inside you can find a Journal. This is a part of File Collectible. Go outside, Sebastian talks to Kidman and talks about the killer. On the fight of the gate, you will see a glowing plant, it is an Herb, later you can use it for Crafting. After taking it, turn around and walk towards the car crashed into a street lamp. Keep running and you will reach another house in the end.

Evil Within Creature

After spotting a woman running into a house, go there to investigate. She seems to be very bard at parenting skills. Shoot on the head to get rid of her. After killing investigate her to get a green gel. On the top floor of this house, you can find Gunpowder. It will help you to craft ammunitions and explosives ahead. Go out of the house, walk towards the left side till you reach a road and a red car on your right. There are crates breaking them and collect items Handgun Bullets, Gun Powder and Weapon Ports. You can also break car glasses. Walk towards the right and at the extreme end you will spot a few houses, there you will see Mobius agents are hunted by creatures. One of them hides inside a house you have to meet him.

Go after the fleeing Mobius Operative:

This part of the game will enable Stealth and Sneak kills. Enemies can be drawn towards the sound, so you have to crouch and go slowly by taking cover between objects around. You can kill enemies from behind with Sneak kill. You can throw bottles in opposite direction to distract enemies. The game has Bottle Break skill that can help you to break enemies grab attacks, but you have to buy it.

Sneak Kill

You will find one bottle on the dustbins on your left side, quietly walk behind cars and kill a creature who is feeding on a human head. Do not forget to collect the Green Gel. Now you have to kill the second enemy who is banging the door. Enter the house, inside the wooden cabinet on left of the sofa, you can find Gunpowder. In the bathroom, you can get Syringe. Go down towards the basement and you will find one of the Mobius agents Liam O’Neal: Technical Support.

The agent will give you lead on The Core, this is where the second chapter is over. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 3: The Resonances or you can go through our The Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide.