Chapter 3: The Resonances Walkthrough – The Evil Within 2

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In Chapter 2 – Something Not Quiet Right, after entering into the STEM, Sebastian’s finds that there is something really wrong with it, similar to Beacon there are people who are turning into creatures. With a hope to find his daughter Lily, who is also The Core of STEM, he moves further after taking a lead from a Mobius Agent. In this chapter, you will be locating Lily’s voice clues, and find one of the Mobius agents O’Neal.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter3: The Resonances Walkthrough

The Safe House:

While talking to the agents you can ask him about The Mission where he will tell you about failure Stable Field Emitter. Next, you can ask the agent about his Team. And then Supplies and Something Stronger. While talking to him you will also get a side mission Rogue Signal that you can play later on. This is the Safe House you can save your game through the terminal kept on the cabinet behind the agent. Also, take a Coffee, this will restore your full health. On the right of the brown door from where you enter you will find some weapon parts and on the shelf on left.

Coffee Maker

Workbench: Crafting, Restoring Full Health, etc.

There are few items on the table ahead, gunpowder and some ammo’s, just next to that you will see Workbenches. This is the place where you will be using your items to craft ammunitions, items and upgrade weapons. There are two main sections Crafting and Weapon Upgrade. Go through both the sections one, especially the Weapon Upgrade. Depending on the weapon type you can increase its Firepower, Ammo Capacity, Fire Rate, Reload Time, etc. Weapon parts are the essential components required for upgrades. In the Arsenal Menu there is also an option Field Crafting, this you can use when you are not having a Workbench around. Remember compare to Workbench Crafting, Field Crafting requires more resources. And it does not allow you to upgrade weapons.

Skills Upgrade:

Skills Upgrade Skills Upgrade 1

From the current Safe Room, you can take the white door, and turn left. You will see a nurse that will disappear in the mirror ahead. By entering into the mirror you will reach Sebastian’s Room. The very first room you find when you enter the STEM for the first time. again you will spot a nurse and a chair ahead. Sit on it, This section will lead you towards Titiana’s lab, interact with the board to enter into Skill upgrades. This is the part where you can pay to upgrade skills like Combat, Health, Athleticism, Recovery, and Stealth. Each one of this is having multiple sub-skills, and by paying the cost you can own it. The currency is Green Gel, you can collect it by killing enemies. You can visit your room on right once, there will be the mirror on the left that will lead you toward the main objective.

Go outside and use your Communicator to track the girl’s voice:

Communicator Signal

After crossing through the mirror, go outside and continue with Chapter 3. Using the communication device you have to lock on the signal, you will see the waveform on the left of the screen, just move the Communicator around and Lock the signal. As you lock the signal, you will see an orange arrow, on top of Communicator. Follow it. In the next cut scene, you will see the city is falling. Follow the Communicator signal, the green one is for Side Mission and orange for the main mission. Just follow the huge orange signal on the map to reach the location. Do look for items, herbs in your path. Also look for the eye symbol on the center top of the screen, if enemies are aware about you, you have to run.

In between you can play the side missions like Rogue Signal, to get some good weapons like a Shot gun or a Warden Crossbow, you can use this to take down stronger enemies. On your pursuit to main mission avoid getting in contact with any enemy around, avoid entering into rooms, you might face some tough ones. And if you are low on weapon side then you can die easily. For example, there is a church in the area, if you accidentally landed on that you will face the father who is a strong competitor. Anyhow if you want to farm gel then killing enemies will help.

The Marrow Safehouse Lilys Voice Pit Shop

There will be a safe house just before you reach your main mission target point in order to investigate the girl’s voice. While going towards the girl’s voice, you will reach a Pit Shop. Go near the signal and using the communicator device to Tune. Next enter the shop through the red door. Look for Lily’s footstep, follow them towards Office. Drag the cabinet on left of the door to enter. Pickup the doll on the floor that will trigger a cut scene.

Search h for clues behind the restaurant:

Search Lily Clue 2

Go outside and get on the backside of the restaurant, to the exact place where you saw the window. There is a garbage bin, investigate the place. You can look on the above picture to track down the next signal of Lily’s voice. Lock on the same and head to that point.

Follow the new Resonance of Lily’s Voice:

Lilys Voice Clue 2

Watch for the new monsters around you, these are tough to kill, you have to shoot them on the head. And dodge their attacks. Collect Green Gel after killing them. While following the voice you will reach a house like in the image above, investigate in front of the car, and use the communicator to Tune. You will see Lily’s image running into bushes ahead, go there and next you have to follow the footsteps. It will lead you to a blood spot, go there and then again follow Lilly’s running image.

Lilys Voice 3 Lillys Voice 4

Now next you have to follow her voice, look on the map location above. There is a garage just ahead, you can go there for some crafting. Again Tune the signal through the communicator and go to the white glowing spot. You will again see some footsteps, follow them, and then you will get the next clue. Lily’s image will disappear near the warehouse.

Search inside the warehouse:

Warehouse Switch Warehouse Power Switch

The place is surrounded by enemies, so you have to watch your steps before going in, follow the metal barricade, and stay back so that you can shoot down a few enemies. Survey the area properly, you can find bullets, weapon parts around. Also, you will hear the voices of enemies, so sneak around slowly. To enter the warehouse, you have to ahead near the blue color container, and you will find a switch, hit the switch, but the door won’t open due to lack of power. Go towards the power line pillar, and you will reach a locked door with enemies in it. interact with the door to break the chain, next you have to kill two enemies inside, if you have a cross bow you can use it to blow them. Activate the power switch and get back to the Warehouse entrance.

Warehouse Upstairs Access Warehouse Stairs 2

Break the wooden log on the right end side, crouch inside, and then turn left, cross between the containers and take right. Don’t go on the stairs on left, there only a few items to collect. Walk straight on the opposite of these metal stairs, and you will hear a voice of a creature after a box falls he will run way. Go straight ahead, and crouch between the wooden logs, then turn left and again left. The creature will appear once, again at the end you will see a metal stair, and you have to climb up. Above the first room on the left will give you a workbench, you can use this to craft something. You will also find an infrastructure report in it. in the second door, you will find a doll near blood. In the next cut scene, you will see Lily is abducted by Stefano Valentini.

Go outside and call O’Neal:

Warehouse Call Oneal

Go outside of the warehouse on the marked location of above picture and you have to contact the tech guy. You will hear some music as you go out and spot Stefano. But as you try to follow you will be shifted to a different room keep running till the end and you will be back in the warehouse. Follow Stefano, and you will be out of the warehouse. This will trigger a cut scene. After he disappears, you have to face a lot of creatures around, you can get back to the warehouse and use the containers to hide around. If you stay outside you will be ambushed. Inside warehouse you can find drums with explosive liquid, draw them towards the same and burn them.

Return to O’Neal’s Safe House and speak with him:

After dealing with the creatures O’Neal will tell you about a City Hall, to go there first meet O’Neal at the safe house. Your journey will not be easy, a lot of creatures will spawn outside to rip you apart. Follow the map, try walking quietly through bushes and behind thin allies, roads are mostly crowded.

O’Neal will tell you about Marrow, the tunnels that can lead Sebastian to City Hall. To access the Marrow, O’Neal will ask you to go to North Safe House. You have to access a computer that is a port, entering it you have to find Exit B2 that leads to City Hall. O’Neal will also give you Gas Mask that will be needed while passing through Marrow. This is the end of Chapter 3 Resonances, you can read our walkthrough on Chapter 4: Behind The Curtain or can go through our The Evil Within 2 Wiki Guide.