All 8 Mysterious Items Location – The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 has got total 8 Mysterious Objects to be collected. These Mysterious Objects act like an easter egg, and are direct reference to the previous games from Bethesda such as DOOM, Prey, Quake, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, Fallout. Collecting all the Mysterious Objects in The Evil Within 2 will also unlock an Achievement “All in the Family”. In this guide we have listed All 8 Mysterious Objects In The Evil Within 2, Their Location And How To Get Them.

Evil Within 2 Mysterious Objects

Mysterious Items And Where To Find Them

Item 1 – Weapon replica (Quake – Rocket Launcher)

Mysterious Weapon Replica Image

Chapter 3 (Residental Area)

Mysterious Weapon Replica Map Mysterious Weapon Replica

Location: On the Roof of the House in Residential area

How to Get: When you are near the House Inn, there is a fence guarded with a gallery structure. You will have to Break the metal grill and the get on the top of the house to collect the Mysterious Weapon Replica from the roof.

Item 2 – Machine (Wolfenstein – Panzerhund)

Mysterious Machine Image

Chapter 3 (Residental Area)

Mysterious Machine Map Mysterious Machine

Location: Located inside the Truck, near a Factory

How To get: For this Mysterious looking dog you will have to get to the factory area where a truck will be standing outside of the Treadwell Trucking, get int it and collect your Mysterious Machine.

Note: If you are unable to find it, smash the crate to find it.

Item 3 – Mask (Dishonored – Corvo’s mask)

Mysterious Mask Image

Chapter 3 (Residental Area)

Mysterious Mask Map Mysterious Mask

Location: Located on the seat of the Derailed Train in Residential area.

How to Get: You will have to get into the compartment where there are some body parts on the ground and even some rats moving around, here you will find the Mask on the seat at the end of the compartment.

Item 4 – Bobblehead (Fallout – bobblehead)

Mysterious Bobblehead Image

Chapter 6 – The Marrow

Mysterious Bobblehead Map Mysterious Bobblehead

Location: Right behind two Crates in the Storeroom.

How to Get: Mysterious Bobblehead can be collected when you encounter the Hunter for the Second time and Escape from his Gasp, get back to the storeroom and collect the Mysterious Bobblehead from the back of the double stacked crates.

Item 5 – Action Figure

Mysterious Action Figure Image

Chapter 7 – Business District

Mysterious Action Figure Map Mysterious Action Figure

Location: At the corner of a Large Bin.

How to Get: As you get to the desired location on the map then make your way to the marked spot on the image of the map, you can find the Mysterious Action Figure at the left extreme corner fo the huge bin.

Item 6 – Symbol

Mysterious Symbol Image

Chapter 12 – Sebastian’s House

Mysterious Symbol

Location: Inside the house, in the office upstairs.

How to Get: As Sebastian wakes up, go upstairs and get to the office on the left, you will get the Mysterious Symbol as you enter on the left-hand side at the table.

Item 7 – Mug (Prey – mug)

Mysterious Mug Image

Chapter 13 – Business District (Sanctuary Hotel)

Mysterious Mug Map Mysterious Mug

Location: Behind the Reception Counter.

How to Get: As you enter the Sanctuary Hotel get behind the reception desk to collect the Mysterious Mug.

Item 8 – Toy (The Evil Within – The Keeper bobblehead)

Mysterious Toy Image

Chapter 17 – Sebastian’s House

Mysterious Toy

Location: On the Lower shelf of a Big Cabinet

How to Get: As you get to Sebastian’s house get to his living room, on the shelf to the left you will find the Mysterious Toy.

Note: There you have all 8 Mysterious Objects collected and Congratulations you have successfully unlocked “All In The Family” Achievement.

That’s all for this Guide on The Evil Within 2 Mysterious Objects guide. Stay tuned for more guides on The Evil Within 2. till then do refer our Chapter 3: The Resonances Walkthrough for Evil Within 2.