All Safe House Location in Evil Within 2 Hidden Location Guides

Safe House in Evil Within 2 helps the player to regain health, save current game, stock up on gear and ammo. The Streets of Union is not safe so you must always make sure you play near a safe house so you can stock up all the collectibles, weapons and save your progress. Here are all 6 Safe House and their locations in Evil Within 2.

Safe House Location - The Evil Within 2

All Safe House Location

In Evil Within 2, there total six safe houses and each one is located at a different location. While you are completing a story you can use the closest Safe House and see what benefit it offers.

These Safe House can offer facilities like Coffee Pot to replenish your health, Supply Box provides supplies (Casual difficulty), Save Terminal to save the game and Mirror allows you to travel between Sebastian’s Office or the Nurse Tatiana for upgrades. So it’s very important to use the right Safe House at right time during the story.

1: O’Neil’s Safe House

Location – Residential District

How to Enter – Part of the Story

Offers – Ammunition, weapon parts, directions for some new gear

2: North Safe House

Location – Residential District

How to Enter – Shoot a Shock Bolt at the fuse box to Open the Door

Offers – Supplies like Weapons and Ammunition

3: Hoffman’s Safe House

Location – City Hall Area in The Marrow

How to Enter – While in the City Hall area, check the Bottom of the map

Offers – Collectibles

4: Post Plus Safe House

Location – North Business District

How to Enter – The top-right corner of the map

Offers – Rare supplies like High-quality weapons parts

5: Syke’s Safe House

Location – Business District

How to Enter – Middle of the district

Offers – Weapons (Complete side mission Getting Back Online)

6: Torres’s Safe House

Location – Nature Reserve

How to Enter – At the bottom

Offers – Ammunition

These were all 6 Safe House you can locate in Evil Within 2. If you have any doubts finding them then do let us know in the comment below.