Weapon Upgrades And How Much They Cost – The Evil Within 2

You can gather weapon parts to craft weapons in The Evil Within 2 and later upgrade them to increase their performance along with your Abilities and Skills. There is no long list of weapons in this survival horror game, but a few of them are really amazing and kill stronger enemies in less time. Upgrading them plays a vital role in making the weapon strong enough. The only currency you can invest in upgrading weapons is Weapon Parts. The items spawn randomly on various locations. Almost all items will blink and emit light, so when you are out in the city to walk around and survey the area. You can also get them from enemies, for example, if you spot an enemy with flamethrower kill him and get weapon parts for Flame Thrower gun.

Weapon Upgrades Evil Within 2

There is also a crafting system in the game, without which you cannot craft powerful weapons that can be later upgraded. We will first start with crafting and later you can check out all the upgrades below and their cost in terms of Weapon parts. Crafting can be done on the workbench, in the safe house. Crafting allows you to craft different type of bolts for your Warden Crossbow, so you will have to visit it once a while in the game. it is also a place to craft ammo, health and recovery items that you will be using in the game. Whatever items you gather you can visit once the workbench to find out what you can make from them, for example, you can use Gunpowder for bullets. Herbs can help you to get Medical Syringes.

Weapons Firepower Upgrade:

This upgrade will help you to increase the damage caused when you shoot on the enemy. There are five levels where you can double the fire power damage and also upgrade critical damage when you shoot on enemy’s weak point.

Increase Damage:

  • Firepower 1: Increase damage from 100% to 120%. It will cost 90 Weapon parts.
  • Firepower 2: Increase damage from 120% to 130%. It will cost 100 Weapon parts.
  • Firepower 3: Increase damage from 130% to 140%. It will cost 200 Weapon parts.
  • Firepower 4: Increase damage from 140% to 150%. It will cost 400 Weapon parts.
  • Firepower 5: Increase damage from 150% to 200%. It will cost 800 Weapon parts.

Critical Damage: This upgrade will boost the probability of inflicting critical damage when you are targeting the weak point of an enemy.

  • Critical 1: Increase damage from 1% to 30%. It will cost 120 Weapon parts.
  • Critical 2: Increase damage from 30% to 60%. It will cost 360 Weapon parts.

Ammo Capacity Upgrade:

At the beginning, you can carry some amount of ammo’s but as you survey area you can find them. But if you want to avoid that you can increase the Clip Capacity to max 12 through this upgrade.

  • Clip Capacity 1: Increase Weapon Clip Capacity from 6 to 7. It will cost 20 Weapon parts.
  • Clip Capacity 2: Increase Weapon Clip Capacity from 7 to 8. It will cost 50 Weapon parts.
  • Clip Capacity 3: Increase Weapon Clip Capacity from 8 to 10. It will cost 120 Weapon parts.
  • Clip Capacity 4: Increase Weapon Clip Capacity from 10 to 12. It will cost 120 Weapon parts.

Weapon Fire Rate Upgrade:

Fire rate is the speed of weapon when you fire, and this upgrade will give you better speed to shoot down enemies in front of you. Each upgrade below will reduce the time between shots fired.

  • Fire Rate 1: Reduce time between shots from 0.50 sec to 0.40 sec. It will cost 30 Weapon parts.
  • Fire Rate 2: Reduce time between shots from 0.40 sec to 0.33 sec. It will cost 80 Weapon parts.
  • Fire Rate 3: Reduce time between shots from 0.33 sec to 0.25 sec. It will cost 160 Weapon parts.

Weapon Reload Time Upgrade:

Under this upgrade, you can get faster reload time to max 1.16 seconds when you start the same will be 2.33 sec. by getting to the third stage you can reduce this to lowest as well you can improve a bit of aim movement speed.

  • Reload Speed 1: Reduce time from 2.33 sec to 1.86 sec. It will cost 20 Weapon parts.
  • Reload Speed 2: Reduce time from 1.86 sec to 1.49 sec. It will cost 50 Weapon parts.
  • Reload Speed 3: Reduce time from 1.49 sec to 1.16 sec. It will cost 160 Weapon parts.

In this same section, you can find an upgrade for Aiming Movement Speed, you can spend 120 Weapon parts to increase walking speed to 165% from 100% while aiming.

So this is the end of weapon upgrades, you can improve the performance through the upgrades and get more in combat. You can also read out The Evil Within 3 Wiki guide for more tips and updates.