The Heart of a King: Final Fantasy XV Chapter 10 Walkthrough

 The Heart of a King: Final Fantasy XV Chapter 10 Walkthrough

Across the water and onto the rails, the royal retinue for Gralea, the imperial capital. Their objective: reclaiming the Crystal, that they might reclaim their homeland. However, the ring’s weight proves too much for Noctis to bear.

Chapter 10 The Heart of a King

Chapter 10 The Heart of a King

Off the Rails:

The chapter begins after a short intro when the trains reach Succarpe Outpost. Until the train reaches the station, you are free to roam around. Once you get down at the station the objective is over.


The Hand of the King:

Follow the marker on the screen and get in the lift to go down in the mine below the ground. You can find the elevator a level below, just follow stairs ahead of vendor, towards the last pole. You can take Ignis with you as aid.


Head for the depths of Mine:

Walk with Ignis toward the marked location on the map. You will need to walk slow as Ignis is hurt and he will take time to chase you. At the end fights with few Level 29 Gurangatch.


Inspect the Control panel

Move ahead following the marker, keep a slow pace with your friends. The next objective is to check out the control panel of a giant machine ahead. You will see the location on the map, follow it and take a left stairs.


Move ahead to get the generator key from the shed. This is a bit tricky way to find. You will need to use different entrance areas inside to reach the point. There are high points you can go up and see surrounding places. Just follow the marker to find the key.


Fire up the backup generator:

Get back to the generator in mid you will have to fight back a few daemons. The entire level is based on reaching the generator and beating up the creature in between. There are two in the region nearby to each other. First one is at the ground and another one at the top of structure with stairs. Activate the control panel to get access.


Search for the royal Tomb:

Once the blocked way is opened, go through that to locate royal tomb. Gladiolus will have few questions. There are few Gurangatch, take them down before reaching the final point. You will have to defeat Malboro.


Once you are done with acquiring new power, board back the train. This is the end of Final Fantasy XV Chapter 10 The Heart of a King. You can continue to the next Chapter 11 In the Dark or you can also check our Final Fantasy XV Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.