The Heist – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

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After successfully getting rid of the Drones from the sewers in Mission 10, we must look after the Bank and loot the data, but we get another call from Nomad Stanek who asks us to travel to Prekazka and save his daughter. Once you get down to the railway station, Alex will call you and ask you to get to the bank immediately and loot the required Data, so here you need to choose what will be your first Priority – Loot the Bank or Save Allison. If you choose to Loot the Bank, here is the Walkthrough how you going to grab all the data without alerting any security.

The Heist Walkthrough

The Heist Walkthrough

Go to the Palisade Bank

Now that you’ve made your Decision, you cannot save Allison or complete the Mission 11. Head straight to the Marked location which is on the western side of Prague. Once you arrive, Vega will guide you with the package you need to pick from the parking garage then you can easily get to the bank.

Retrieve the Package from Parking Area

This is not a difficult job, but the area is fully monitored by security Cameras so you need to sneak inside very carefully. Look at the Hud to see which direction the cameras are pointing right now and then make your move. Crouch and get to the car on the extreme right and get the package from the Car Trunk. Make you way out and Alex will again inform you about the security measures you need to take inside the Bank.

Access the Restricted Terminal

You need to make your way to the Third floor to get the blank card imprinted with biometrics from the active account. Get inside the Bank from the front door and make your way to the southern side of the level to find the elevator. To access this Elevator you need a Special Card which we already got while doing the Side Mission Samizdat. This will give you direct access to the CEO’s Office.

Head inside to use the elevator to the left and get downstairs. Here you need to hack into the office and get the Elevator keycard which will let you use the Elevator to the Third Floor. Once you get up there, hack the office on your left. You’ll encounter a guard here which is patrolling the main Stairway so simply sneak past him and break into the office.

Firstly check the security Laptop and turn off all the cameras, laser grids, and alarms to help you exit safely. Use the Blue box Biometric reader from the CEO’s table which can get to access to the vaults. Once you are clear then ready to get inside the Office without any alert.

Use the Corporate Vault Elevator

The Corporate Elevator is at the center level of the western area. Get inside the monitoring room and disable the guards then head towards the stairs to avoid all the turrets and guards. While in the Hallway simply look for the vent(Smart Vision) on the northern wall and walk all the way to the end. Drop down and enter the vault.

Use the Versalife Vault Keycard

Make your way to the main Vault and grab everything you can. Janus and Vega will have a bad signal, but they will be in contact. You will soon come to know about the GARM facility and now you need to get out of the Office safely. Miller will soon contact you and ask you to meet him near Chikane’s helipad.

Meet Miller at the Helipad

Make your way to the Helipad and Meet Miller where he will be mad at you not investigating the railway incident and simply doing what you want. After informing him about the ARC being framed, you must complete all the side missions from Dr. Auzenne to other remaining before you lift off for GARM. Thus completing the walkthrough and you can continue to Next Mission – GARM Facility or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.