The highest paying jobs in BitLife

Working your way to the top.

Image via Candywriter

There are multiple jobs and professions that a character can choose in BitLife. Many of these professions offer a decent living, but there are definitely jobs that pay more than others. Many of these jobs require your character to have specific stats and maxing them out to a high enough rank to be the best of the best. It can be difficult to reach these incredible heights, but for the amount of money they make, it’s well worth it. These are some of the highest paying jobs in BitLife.


For characters with extremely high health and athleticism, a great option you choose to go with early is becoming a professional athlete. Your character will have to start working on it in high school, and even before then, you want them to go to the gym and participate in walks as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if they don’t have a high athleticism, it can be difficult to increase it enough to become a professional when they become old enough to apply for a sponsorship. However, if your character does make it, you can make a lot of money in a short amount of time.


If you prefer a more traditional path, almost every character can go down, so long as they apply themselves and hit the books often, every character can become a doctor. Of course, you have to visit the library often, study hard in school, and make sure you’re ready to ace every test. It also helps to avoid the law and not get yourself into trouble. Once you reach college, make sure to go for a biology degree, and then go to medical school, and eventually, you’ll be running your very own practice. A doctor’s pay is pretty decent, but it doesn’t come close to some of the crazy professions, such as a professional athlete, movie star, or royalty.

King or Queen

Becoming the King or Queen of a country is a prestigious honor. Unfortunately, unless you’re born into royalty, there’s no way for any regular character to become this. The only way a regular person could is if they become famous themselves met a royalty character, and then you married them. Outside of that, you have to be born to royalty. While these roles make quite a bit of money, they’re exceedingly rare unless you constantly reroll characters in BitLife.

Movie Star

When your character aspires to become a star on the big screen, they have a lot of work cut out for them. First, they will have to work on their looks and keep them as high as possible if they want to succeed in this profession. Next, you’ll start them off as voice actor, and steadily work their way up performing commercials, television shows, and eventually movies. It can be challenging to reach the movie star practice, but with plenty of high looks and health, you should make it there if you can apply and make it as a voice actor.

Musician or Lead Singer

Another unique profession that almost every character can work on is becoming a musician or a lead singer. You can start taking instrument and voice lessons pretty early. You can work on both of them simultaneously, and you want to make sure that before you reach high school, your character maxes out with at least one of the instruments, so they start applying to sign up with a band. You want to max these stats out as much as you can before applying. If you’re at 60%, you’re going to struggle, but if you’re closer to 90%, you should do fine to sign with a band and start your character as a professional musician.

Porn Star

Your character might be interested in performing a bit more adult movies and productions than a traditional movie star. With a high enough series of stats in health and looks, your character can become a porn star and make quite a bit of money. You’ll also reach a level of famous, capable of signing autographs, writing books, promoting products, and several other perks of reaching that level of notoriety.


For a character who wants to invest their time in politics, the highest role they reach in this profession is becoming the country’s elected leader. For the United States, it’s the President, but you can also work your way up the becoming the leader in other countries. The process is similar where you’re going to start in one of the local roles and then work your way up to higher positions, campaigning to win the people over and earn their praise to remain elected.