The highest paying jobs in BitLife

Working your way to the top.

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In life, we all have goals that we want to fulfill. Some aspire to be a noble profession, such as a doctor or a teacher to give back to everyone else. Others take a passion of theirs, such as music or acting, and turn it into a career. Meanwhile, some feel that the best way to get the most out of life is to earn the big bucks for their work and use their spare time to relax and enjoy their time off.

In BitLife, work is just a number on that salary column, so wanting to try your hand at everything is something that everyone can do. But if you want to be able to do anything that you want, you’re going to need cash, and some of the best paying gigs in Bitlife can set you up nicely to do that. Not all of them are glamorous, but it is a means to an end after all. Here are the highest paying jobs in BitLife.

Lead Actor

If you ask a group of people what they would like to do for a dream job, you can bet that there will be plenty who say they would love to be an actor in their favorite TV show or film. It’s naturally a job that sees a lot of attention due to how high profile the role is. You’re in the spotlight constantly, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Especially on the wallet.

You can land salaries in good seven-figure amounts as a lead actor in BitLife, making it one of the most lucrative career choices you can make. Start as a Voice Actor and work your way up through the ranks and with enough time and effort, you can make as much money as the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Scarlett Johannsen at the top of the acting food chain.

Porn Director

Acting in Hollywood is one profession that not only pays well but also is a rewarding profession that provides a lot of entertainment for the public to enjoy. Being in the adult film industry offers an entirely different form of entertainment, but that’s not to say that it isn’t rewarding from a financial standpoint.

As a director of adult movies, you can earn in the seven-figure sums with hard work. It’s not exactly a noble profession, but it is one of the best paying jobs in the game if you have high looks attributes.


When you’re at the top of one of the biggest companies in the world, the amount of money that is at your fingertips is astronomical. Just look at Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. As CEO of his own company, he has become the richest man in the world.

While achieving that level of income in Bitlife might prove to be a challenge too far, you can still expect to make six or seven-figure sums if you work at being a CEO in the game. Be prepared for the long haul though as the route to CEO is one of the longest in the game, starting as a corporate engineer, but in the end, the reward will be worth the wait.

Chief Justice

Being at the top of the judicial system is no easy feat. Years of hard graft and dedication to upholding the law deserves a good salary, and that’s exactly what you get when you reach the pinnacle of the justice employment chain. Those that are able to work their way up to Chief Justice can expect a high six-figure salary for their hard work in putting the bad guys behind bars.

Chief of Police

Much like becoming Chief Justice, there’s something very noble about being in charge of an area of the Justice System. As Chief of Police, you are the long arm of the law, and it’s up to you to be the brain behind the bobbies. After the years of service, it’s also a lucrative role too. As Chief of Police, you can expect to command a high six-figure salary after many years of service within the force. Like the CEO and Chief Justice roles, it will require some graft to get there.

Runway Model

Does your Bitlife character have the looks of a supermodel, edging very close to that 100% mark? Then perhaps you should consider a career as a Bitlife Runway Model, because not only are you able to utilize your natural beauty for a cool job, but it also pays very well. The job salary itself pays fairly well but not spectacularly, with a six-figure salary possible.

However, as the job allows you to pick up being famous, you can boost your earnings using the social media option and by taking on fame activities, such as photoshoots and adverts. As a famous model, you should be able to get work in these without issue, and the bigger gigs, such as an international advert, can rake in millions for you.


This one is not technically a typical job that you’d find in the job advertisements, but this is a legitimate career for those that want to walk the line and take on a more dangerous career choice. 

Jumping cars, stealing trains and bank heists can all clock up an enormous amount of money in a very short time, with millions that can be added to your cash reserves in an instant. Of course, this will come with the possibility that you will be caught and be put into prison, but for those that want money fast, this is your best option. We just wouldn’t recommend it as a real-life occupation.

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