The Last Harvest – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Mission Walkthrough


The Last Harvest is one of the side mission in the Deus Ex Human Revolution. This side mission is the continuation of the The Harvest, which gives Conclusion. This side mission leads you to the serial killer that has been targeting augs in Prague.

The Last Harvest - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

SM10 – The Last Harvest Walkthrough

To get to the The Last Harvest achievement, you will have to proceed wisely. We have given some steps that might help you to complete The Last Harvest in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

How to start The Last Harvest Side Mission:

This mission starts after you complete the side mission The Harvester and return to the Prague. By the time you reach, it is under Curfew. You will get a call from Daria, seeking for help.

Search for Daria:

Go to the Adam’s apartment building where Daria lives in the number 31. Soon you reach you will find a man named Montag, who is a detective in front of Daria’s apartment. You will have to convince him to proceed further, after that enter the room.

Search for Clues in Daria’s apartment:

Once you enter, search for the clues. Check out some clues we have found, Email, Textbook, Telescope, Accessory, Diary, Blood, Broken frame, Bear rug etc.

Meet Dr.Cipra:

Near the Pilgrim metro station, you will find the Cipra’s pharmacy which is located near by the defunct LIMB clinic. Enter the Pharmacy ask him about Daria. You can use options according to your choice to make him tell you details. We have used some options appeal, inquire, other way etc. Social enhancer aug will makes things easy for you to get info. Ask Dr.Cipra for the code to Override. He will give you the code Ad Hominem 2026, which helps you to unlock the trophy.

Follow Trails at Daria’s appartment:

Go back to the Daria’s apartment, there you will find a vent with blood trails. Enter into the vent, which leads you to a manhole behind the building. Get down and follow the blood trail, On your left, you will find a pipe, enter into it there you will find Daria. Once you meet her, talk to her. You can choose options according to your choice to convince her. The options will be like Confront, Use keyword, Ad Hominem 2026, Persuade, Humanize, Approach. Social enhancer gets you The Last Harvest tropy.

Deal with the Daria:

Once you meet the Daria, It totally upto you to deal with her. You can simply use Social enhancer to talk it off or you can choose to fight her. The enemy uses cameras, turrets, laser-rigged EMP mines, Titan augs etc. Once you defeat collect Daria’s chip which you can sell it off for 400 credits to Dr.Cipra. By the end of the battle, Detective montag shows up, you can simply choose “reason” and “inform”, With that you will complete your mission.

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