Mission 11: The Rhine Ending Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

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In the last Mission: Ambush, Zussman was captured by the enemy and held captive. Daniels is determined to get him back, this is the final mission of Call Of Duty: World War II. Daniels and his troops are all set to capture the Bridge in order to make the enemy surrender.

The Rhine Ending Walkthrough - Call of Duty: WWII

The Rhine Walkthrough (Remagen, Belgium)

Assault The Bridge

Daniels asks Pierson, to take him back into the fight in order to find Zussman. As they reach the bridge there is heavy attack from the other side. stay behind the tank and slowly move ahead, there will be ample of soldiers guarding the entrance of bridge. you can use grenades to clear out the path ahead. You can take cover on the left end side and shoot the enemies who will be directly in your target range. Once reach the bridge, hide behind the cars ahead. Shoot down the soldiers and move further in. the most complicate depart is the attack from the towers. Keep moving from the left end and you will reach at the start.

Secure the Tower


Follow the flame thrower soldier who will clear the bottom area, then slowly go up and secure the upper floor. Instead of entering directly throw some grenades from the edge of stairs. then move further up and you will reach the MG. there will be few soldiers. Once the tower is clear get back to Pierson. Move ahead towards the bridge and you will spot some soldiers. Kill them and keep advancing. Stay in cover so that you don’t take much damage, the enemy will retreat you can shoot the reaming soldiers at the end of bridge. the enemies will start blowing up the bridge. keep moving ahead.


A few bomber planes will appear, walk from the extreme left end and kill the soldiers standing ahead. Keep advancing slowly as you reach the tower at the end of bridge. enter the tower from left and secure it. as you reach top throw some grenades there is one soldier blocking the path. finally you will reach the end where you can take down soldiers with machine guns. Once the tower is clear get back to Pierson.

Get on AA Gun

Now you will be on an open area, across the bridge. You will have to capture AA guns on the right side. Go towards the trench and shoot down the enemies in it. Does not ambush there is heavy bombardment you will lose health really fast. So keep shooting down the soldiers in your path and you will reach the AA gun. Mount the gun and use it take down the enemy’s plane. Keep shooting until help arrives. Once done, get back to your squad. After the fight the enemies will surrender.

Find Zussman


This completes the story of Call of Duty WWII, watch the Epilogue, a sad story of POWs. In a short mission after that you will have to locate Zussman, in the camp. Follow, Stiles. He will open the door of camp. Keep following him to other side. Finally Pierson will call you. Follow him towards the forest, keep running straight ahead till you see the marker. You will spot Zussman kill the enemy and save him.

This is where the game ends, you can try our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.