The Rucker Extraction – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Walkthrough

After talking to Smiley, Alex and Miller in Mission 6, we are ready to move and extract Talos Rucker from Golem City. Miller has made his arrangement for your successful entry in the City and the rest is all up to us. This is one the most important and long Mission so we recommend to get equipped with all the upgrades and complete all the side mission you need to do to get them.

The Rucker Extraction Walkthrough

The Rucker Extraction Walkthrough

Welcome to the Utulek Complex which is a maze of high-level police and detention levels. You need to think very carefully before making any move as there are multiple ARC Guards and Police patrolling the area which is strictly against the Interpol and Augs. So let’s get started with the Mission.

Go to Sokol’s Apartment

The First Objective is to find the Brothers – Duscan and Tibor. Start walking towards the marked location and you’ll find His Sister-in-Law who explains how the Police took them both into the custody in Narrows. After the Cutscene, head towards the Narrows which is a high-security area, the Police will ask you to leave the area so take a right and move the crate to find the vent. Take Down both the Guards(without alerting) then Talk to Tibor.

Note: There are Couple of Gears in the Same area(Sokol’s Apartment) so make sure you grab them all.

Find Tibor in the Narrows

After Taking the guards, search their body and hack the Laptop as well to get Keycodes. Open the Door and the cutscene will start where Tibor explains himself and also provide you the information on how to get to the ARC. He will also ask you to save his brother Duscan who has been tortured by the Cops. After the cutscene, we will try to save Duscan which is optional Task but we wanted to know more and open new approach for ARC.

Free Duscan and Takedown Cops

Head down from the stairs and there are three police guards and one Exo-Suit Officer. The only way to set Duscan free is by taking them down, so let’s take them down one by one with Tranquilizer and lastly the Exo-Suit Office can be taken down with the EMPs so save him for the last. Talk to Duscan and he’ll offer your new opportunities to enter ARC and do remember the password – “When you’ve robbed a man…”. Now you have two options to get to the ARC – Talk to Louis Gallois(Favor) or Talk to Lusbos(Password).

The Market Area

In order to make the Choice, you will first need to head towards the market area. The Upper area has two guards patrolling so you can either take them down or simply sneak by moving the Crate aside(left). If you decide to take them down then don’t forget to loot the area with all the ammo and Laptop information. Now climb the stairs and you’ll see Lusbos in front of the Elevator while Louis is located on the top level of the market. Make you Choice how you need to entering the ARC.

The Choice

If you Choose to Meet Lusbos near the Elevator then you need to get Tribor’s Key Card which can be bought by following the Officer upstairs. All you need to do is listen to him telling the password and then follow him through the market to the other side. After reaching the Waterlogged area, head right where you see circuit breaker then grab the Keycard. If you Choose to Meet Louis then he will ask you a Favor to get his Missing Crates back so head to the marked location and bring him back to get the Locked door Open and enter the ARC territory.

deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-3.1.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-3.2.jpg

Enter ARC Territory

Heading inside the ARC Territory, you’ll first meet Viktor Marchenko who will have a good chat with you about the War and ARC goals. After the conversation move deeper into the Throat and follow the marker on your Hud. There are multiple ways to get inside the Throat and track Talos, we tried to use the vent section to avoid all the lasers and explosions. Check out the Image below to know how to get to the Vent area.

Getting Deeper into ARC

You’ll end up in at the base of the ARC Territory and as we mentioned there are multiple ways to get to Talos so this route is safe without any Guards interruption. Use your Smart Vision to locate the Open Container, climb up and take the Ladder to get to the Higher level. Then use the Elevator Buttons to GO Left, Right, Up and Down. Take the elevator Up then from the Yellow path on the Right walk towards the Opposite section.

deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-5.1.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-5.2.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-5.3.jpg deus-ex-mankind-divided-mission7-5.4.jpg

Continue your way Up, climb another Ladder and don’t forget to loot all the rooms. You’ll again end up on similar Elevator which will take you up where a cutscene will start where Talos’s best spy is informing the other guards about Interpol and how they are planning to take Talos down. Go head and make your way inside the Living quarters. We tried to go Non-Lethal approach and avoid all unnecessary attraction. Once you get inside, Chikane will update your with your objective so stay alerted.

Access the Elevator

In order to access the Main Elevator, you must clear the highly guarded area to the second floor. There are multiple routes so the encounter will differ on which route your choose. Get past the two small rooms and you’ll find two guards talking at the far end of the Hall, head right and use the vent to get past these guards too and take down the officers who are patrolling inside the rooms.

After losing everyone’s attention, use the ladder to get to the First Floor. Take down the single guard and then continue moving towards the marked location. We recommend avoiding all the Laser Beams and find the alternate route. Across the hall is the security room with a couple of more guards. It’s easy to get past them, but a turret and cameras are guarding the Main Elevator up head is a difficult job. Wait for the Turret to turn the other side and then you make your move towards the Elevator.

Confront Talos Rucker

Once you get to the Top of the Elevator, walk towards the Door and the cutscene will begin where Rucker is explaining himself. During the conversation you must make him trust you to get the Evidence and here are the Steps which you will choose is your conversation:

  • Turn the Tables
  • Patronize
  • Justify
  • Turn the Tables

After Successfully persuades him, he will hand over the Access Card to the Security room where you’ll find the evidence, but if you fail to gain his trust then he will cal for Reinforcements and have you arrested. At the End, Rucker will die and you need to escape from there with the Evidence.

Get to the Extraction Point

Head towards the security door and grab all the item you can. After getting the evidence, run towards the opposite door and be alert about the guards patrolling. We strictly recommend not to alert any guards and focus on escaping towards the exit point. Now you need to keep jumping down level by level until you find Chikane’s Ship waiting. A cutscene will begin and finally the Chapter is Over. You can continue to the next chapter – Tracking down the Real Terrorist or check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible location for every mission and much more.