The Runner Field Manual Location – Battlefield 1

 The Runner Field Manual Location – Battlefield 1

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The Runner is the fourth Campaign Mission in Battlefield 1. Unlike Avanti Savoia, fourth War Story only contains 15 Field Manuals and they are very easy to locate. This guide will show you where exactly to find all 15 Field Manuals in this campaign mission. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the hunting.

The Runner Field Manual Location

Field Manual Location in Avanti Savoia

Cape Helles

Field Manual 1

Just after stepping out of the boat, take left and keep moving down to the beach and grab your first Field Manual from close to the water.

Field Manual 2

In the side of the mountain make your way towards the giant crater then follow the trench to find a shooting area with this Field Manual.

Field Manual 3

Head far left from the beach to climb up towards the AT Gun Encampment. Here you will find the Field Manual inside a small alcove next to the gun.

Field Manual 4

From the barn, simply head up the hill and take the left of Helles Overlook (Point A).

Field Manual 5

From Helles Overlook(which is Point A) look for a house beside the flag. Head into the backyard to find this Field Manual inside the nearby shack.

The Runner

Field Manual 6

Far left of the ridge filled with sandbags and cannons you will find a house. Head inside the to find this Field Manual.

Field Manual 7

Search for the dirt path that leads left out of the village and from there look for a grassy field on the left side of the town. There you will find this Field Manual on a crate in the middle of the field.

Field Manual 8

Just below the stone fort search for a house with camo netting in the front yard. There you will find your field Manual near the structure’s door.

Field Manual 9

Get past the village to the large domed structure then head inside of the dome to find this Field Manual in the center.

Field Manual 10

While making your way towards ‘Inform Rear Command’ objective you will spot a building with a missing roof to the left. Head there to grab this Field Manual near the building’s outer wall.

Be Safe

Field Manual 11

Climb to the top of the three-story sniper tower just beneath the fort. This Field Manual can be found at the ladder inside on the second floor.

Field Manual 12

Make your way up towards the walls of the fort, then take left from the artillery battery to find this Field Manual near the tallest battlements.

Field Manual 13

Inside a square building next to the artillery battery, you need to head inside the building to your right as you enter the fort to grab this Field Manual.

Field Manual 14

Continue through the fort and into the bunker hallway to find this Field Manual inside a dead-end room.

Field Manual 15

Once you reach the top of the fort and look for a small shed across from the entrance. Here you must head inside to grab this final Field Manual of this campaign.

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