The Sims 3 PC Cheats Codes Commands

Searching for some tips, trick and cheats for PC version Sims 3 then you are at the right place. Listed below are some of the cheats for the PC version of Sims 3 along with the complete description of it.

But this let to tell you where you have to run this code, During your gameplay Press the Keys Ctrl+Shift+C to go to the console for running following cheats. you have to write this cheat without the quotation mark on your console, i am using it because you can differentiate between cheats and its description.

  • <full screen>: Use it to adjust your screen
  • <ConstraintFloorElevation>: Use this cheat code to adjust terrain
  • <enableLlamas>: When you use this a Message that Llama enabled is displayed
  • <jokeplease>: Want to have refreshment while playing use this a joke will be displayed
  • <hideHeadlineEffect>: Use this to Hide each and every meter
  • <quit>: Use this if you want to quit the game at any moment of gameplay
  • <help>: Use this if you want to know about a command it will display list of command available
  • <slowmotionviz>: Use this for setting the motion
  • <kaching on the lot>: Use this you want to get a $1000 in your pocket
  • <mother lode on the lot>: Use this if you want to get $50000 in your pocket
  • <fadeobjects>: Use this when you want to fade a particular object when camera get its focus on it
  • <moveobjects>: Use this to if you want to move each and everything during your gameplay in Buy and Build mode.
  • <testingcheatsenable>: Use this if you want to your testing cheats to be turn on
  • <unlockOutfits>: Keep in mind this is use in CAS mode of gameplay to unlock the lock outfits