The Surge – Lynx or Rhino Exo-Rig which one is the best?

The Surge has only two Exo-Rigs in the beginning. The first is Lynx that is designed for speed. It offer swift moments. The next is Rhino that is heavy and offer strength. The game has an open battle arena. You will be facing various enemies like drones, robots, humanoids, etc. Now to deal with them you will require speed, good armor and a set of powerful weapons. So in this guide we will tell you which armor could be best to start with?

 The Surge Exo Rigs

The Surge – Lynx or Rhino Exo-Rig which one is the best?

What is Lynx Exo-Rig Good For?

  • Good Speed in Dodging, Jumping and Sprinting.
  • Consume Less Stamina in high speed movements.
  • Ideal for fast movements. This is helpful to dodge attacks by bosses and stronger enemies.
  • A good Exo-Rig if you do not wish to kill all the enemies.

What is Rhino Exo-Rig Good For?

  • Slow in movement, but good in Combat.
  • Cost more Stamina in high speed movements like Dodging, Sprinting, etc.
  • Offer powerful attack that can stun the enemies.
  • Can take more damage that means health depletes slow.
  • A good Exo-Rig to ambush horde of enemies.

So above you can see that there are three primary factors that differentiate between these two rigs. They are Health, Stamina and Speed. Among which Lynx is good if you want complete the game fast, you have to avoid a lot of stronger enemies and above all at all cost do not ambush in a group of enemy. Rhino is best to take down multiple enemies at the same time. Both rigs has their pros and cons. The Surge is usually all about speed, how fast you can duck an enemy attack, jump back and tackle them. So beginning with Lynx is good enough, but do remember that it will take damage higher compare to Rhino. For more guides and tips you can read out The Surge Wiki guide.