The Surge Part 3: Break Quarantine Lockdown and Defeat Big Sister Boss Walkthrough

In the last part, Warren fought with Firebug at CREO MAGLEV, now he is heading towards Resolve BioLab at Bluesky Station. Medbay is ahead, take the stairs on right and turn left. You will reach to Medbay along with an announcement for threats in the area.

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The Surge Part 3: Break Quarantine Lockdown and Defeat Big Sister Boss

Resolve Biolabs:

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After coming to the new station, the path on the extreme right lead to Outer Sewers. There are few bots, from there take a left turn and follow the pipes to reach a Power Circuit. Overcharge it, after taking down a few bots in the path you will reach an Elevator. On the left of elevator wall there is a Power Circuit, overcharge to activate the lift. There is an enemy around, later you will go on the upper lever where you will face a few more of them. These enemies will charge you at a speed and shoot lasers. After fighting them on the right there is a door that will take you to Resolve Biolab. There is a lot of enemies here.

The Surge Guide

Break the Quarantine Lockdown:

After fighting them straight ahead you can see the Biolabs. There is a terminal on the right side which is an Intercom. You will hear the voice of Dr.Melissa Chavez. She will ask to break the Quarantine Lockdown. The next objective is to find the Main Console located in the largest Greenhouse in Biolab section. Just opposite to the intercom there is a Power Circuit, overcharge the same to activate the lift around.

Location of Main Console:

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After talking on the intercom you will be the ambush by bots, one which walks like the spider and a few one wearing Exo-Rigs. They are stronger this time, they can to dodge at high speed. After bypassing the Power circuit on the left side you will find an Exo-Lift. This one is the fastest way to reach MedBay. From the Lift area looks left, there is a huge hole in the ground. It will take you to the Greenhouse Facility., but before you will have to find a Lift. There is a lot of rouge bots inside. after entering, go straight and turn left. Again turn left following the pipes and you will reach Laboratories. Take right and cross the small bridge then take the stairs down.

The Surge Guide

You will enter into a new area on the extreme right that has green plant boxes. On the left side, you will find a Power Circuit activate it to use the lift in the end. The lift is located on the left side of stairs at the extreme end of the room. it will take you to the Greenhouse Facility. Now take the first right and use the terminal to unlock the door after watching the video on big screen. This new area is Savannah Climate zone. Next, inside you will find Eurasian Climate Zone there is purple gas around. Inside Eurasian Climate Zone the main terminal is in a metal cage on the right in the end. There is a bot inside which you have to fight first.

Meet Dr.Melissa Chavez at Pump Station:

The Surge Guide

After activating the terminal you have to meet Dr.Melissa Chavez who is in the Pump station. From Tropical Climate Zone, you will find a passage that in one of the room, it goes underground to Supply Tunnels. That will later take you to Pump station where you can find Dr.Melissa in a cabin. The door is unlocked, fight the bots around and meet her. She will ask you for a favor, to deliver a chip to give to Bonham or Fox on the Executive floors. By talking her once again you will get more information about Project Resolve.

Catch the Train to Central Production B Outbound Station:

After having words with her and accepting her work if you want to get back to the station, your next destination is reaching the Outbound Station. After reaching there, take the stairs, turn right and take left from the big screen that will take you to the Conveyor Hub. In between, you will have to fight a lot of bots around. AT the hub after fighting out bots you will reach a cabin where you will meet to people Davey and Dean Hobbs in Personnel Arrival. You can talk or move ahead towards Material Depot. The path is on the left of Medbay. The next place to reach is Circulation Tower. There is a CREO video on the big screen, next ahead you will meet Irana Beckett. This is the final stage where you will be in the end fighting with the third boss Big Sister.

How to defeat Big Sister 1/3?

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After meeting Irana take the path on this right, take the stairs on the left and at the end take the Exo-Lift. Jump down in front and the fight begins. Big Sister is a big robot with large arms. It also shoots lasers you have to shift a lot of left and right. Lock the arm, dodge the bot attack and then attack the arm which freezes for a while. After breaking both the arms take the stairs and target the smaller ones, they can attack you in multiple ways. You have to dodge them and attack. Next is the core, this is the tougher part. The bot will attack you with multiple arms, you will need to find your chance and keep on attacking the core. This will be a tough and long fight. The area will collapse, look on the right you will find a metal door, break it and run towards the next door, take the stairs on left and use the Exo-Lift that will take you to another metal door. Break it and run towards the end.

Here we will end the third chapter, after defeating Big Sister 1/3, while escaping you will fall to the Research and Development. Next, you can read the Surge Final Chapter where Warren will be heading to Nucleus to find the exact cause of devastation. You can also refer our The Surge Wiki for more guides, tips, collectibles and latest update on the game.