The Surge – Tips for Schematics and Crafting Materials

Schematics and crafting material in The Surge are necessary to get more from your Exo-Rig. There are many gears you can apply to make it stronger that offer you power against enemy. By using different materials you can simply craft armor, weapons, etc. The first thing you have to start is with the Schematics, once you have that you can do more with the items and make valuable gear for upgrades.

Schematics and Crafting

The Surge – Tips for Schematics and Crafting Materials

Where to find Schematics?

As the game begins Warren the lead character, has limited gears on his Exo-Rig. By adding new gears with the help of schematics your power increases. You will also need to plan on which part you are going to invest the TechScarps. Remember if you die in fight, you will lose your techscraps that you have collected so far. You have to again play that part of that game to regain everything back.

Schematics rely on the body of enemies you are targeting. You will be coming across a many of them, now it is not like there are specific locations, it relies on the target. First to find the schematic you have to locate enemies around. Through tracking system you can find the weaker system and attack that. For example you are looking for a particular armor or a head gear like helmet. You have to cut that off from the enemy body and you will be able to pick that. Use the Execution for an instant finish. It is best to use single hand a bit weaker weapons, so that there are more chances of getting schematic drop, if you use a strong one, it will defeat the enemy but you won’t get anything. Next you have gone to the Gear Station and you can start crafting the armor or gear on the basis of items in your inventory. Gear Station is located in the same area where you will find Medbay.

How to Craft Materials?

Crafting comes after you are having schematics. The schematics are available for gear, armor, upgrades, etc. which all will be used in the Exo-Rig. You can start farming items at the start itself. You can kill down drones and bots around and gather items dropped by them. TechScraps is like the in-game currency that will be dropped by many enemies or you can find a pile in boxes.

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