The Technomancer – All the Decision and Results Guide


The Technomancer is a Sci-fi RPG game that is set on Mars during the War of Water. The game features four different skill trees which includes fighting styles and the electric-focused power Technomancers. The game can lead to alternative ending which totally depends on how well you communicate with people. With dynamic conversation dialogue feature in the quest, it can change the entire outcome. So let’s have a look at the different Dialog and Choices you get in the game.

All the Decision and Results

All the Decision and Results

Try making a wise choice right from the start, as your decision will change the other choices that cannot be changed like lie or convincing power no matter how much you try. The quest decision can be changed, but the decision which you make in team building or main quest will directly affect the outcome.

Deserter – Get Away/Arrest/Kill Boris

You will have to fight Boris the leader of the Deserter and once you take him down you will have 3 Choices either you arrest him or kill him or let him get away. If you choose to arrest him them you need to take him down first and you get 1500 Exp as reward, but this choice will affect Eliza as she won’t be happy with your decision.

If you choose to let him get away then you get 1500 Exp and 2 karma as reward, but you eventually fail to complete your objective(Kill Target). You will have to lie to Lieutenant where you lose the relationship points. And Finally for the Killing him and sticking to the objective you get to keep his Rifle and 1500 Exp as rewards, but David will be upset and leave while Jeffery stays.

Break the Opposition – Keep the Bomb/Arrest Her/Kill Her

During the Break the Opposition quest, your main objective is to locate the bomb and defuse it. As you locate then you’ll have 2 Choices – either to take the bomb and let the woman leave or Arrest her. If you decide to take the bomb and let her escape then you get 2000 Exp, +2 Karma and 10 reputation as reward.

If you choose to arrest then again you will have 2 choices whether to fight and arrest or Kill her. If you arrest her you get Bulgakov’s Gun and 1000 Exp as reward, but you lose 5 Rep. If you Kill her you get Dagger, her Gun(needs 3 Agility) as reward.

Under Surveillance – Ask Him to Leave/Shoot Him

While you are in the Under Surveillance, you discover that David is a Spy. Here you get two choices either to tell him to leave or take him down. If you choose to Shoot him then you need to take him down with combat. Once you defeat him you get to loot his Mace and Shield, strength to wield and the Drain Serum, but you lose 1 karma.

If you decide to tell him to leave then David will leave and you get +10 reputation and 2 Karma as reward, but you don’t get to see David again.

Fighting For Abundance – Answer Eliza Major

This is a Main Story quest so you cannot do any side quest or missions while you are in this quest. After talking to Captain Eliza Major, she will start asking questions on how we are being performed so far and each answer will gain or lose the Abundance Army Reputation. Here is what happens when you answer the following

Question 1

  • Take Responsibility for One’s Sympathy for the Mutants: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Accuse Vitor of Lying: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Question 2

  • Try to Convince Eliza: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Take Responsibility for Not Mentioning the Site: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Defend oneself and attack Victor: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Question 3

  • Try to Convince Eliza: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Take Responsibility +1 The Abundance Army Reputation
  • Protest: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

A Safe Haven – Encourage/Intervene

At the end of the quest, A Safe haven, Niesha is aiming at Jeffery and you have two Choices, either to Encourage her to kill him or Intervene her. If you choose to Intervene her then you get +2 Karma as a reward and no one gets affected. if you choose to Encourage her then you will get -1 Karma, -1 the army also Amelia will be upset because of Niesha.

Under The Orders of A Merchant Prince – Accept the Deal or Refuse

During the Orders of A Merchant Prince quest, you will come across A Worm in the Apple quest where you have to return to Aston and have 2 choices to make either to accept the deal and Serum or refuse to it. Accepting the Deal will get you 200 serums and you are allowed to lie him about the Pact.

If you decide to refuse Anton Rogue’s offer then he will refuse you to help against Viktor. Thus you can return to update Dandolo about the same.

The People Assembly – Multiple Choice

There will be 3 options you will be getting and if you are right then you can turn the people against Viktor. So here are the Choice you get.

The First is the Charisma and it is very easy. If you have one charisma already then you need two more. The Second Choice is about corruption, if you deny the attempted bribery then the people are ready to trust what you say. Note: The Bribery will cost you around 100 and the members might be offended as well if you attempted. The last Choice is about Viktor’s Population where you need to get him tossed away. Finally, Viktor will have to pay the price and people with your support.

Hello Earth – This is Mars – Revealing and Joining/Not Revealing

This is the End Chapter of the Game where you find out what happened to Earth and you will get a quick recap of all the decisions you’ve made so far in the game. Now you have 3 choices to make, either reveal about the destruction and join Noctis or reveal about the destruction and join Mutant Valley or not to Revel at all. No matter what you decide you’ll get the bonus and trophies for playing the game.

If you Reveal about the destruction of Earth and Join Mutant Valley then all the Technomancers will flee and the Scientist will find a way to make new Technomancers. If you Reveal about the destruction of Earth and Join Noctis then people will panic and a chaos will break out seeing you joining the Noctis.

The Last choice is not revealing anything about the Destruction of the earth and you become the Grandmaster of the Technomancers, this will help you lead Mars to a better future and everyone will respect you.